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Why Forex Managed Accounts?

Why ROOT OVERFLOW Forex Managed Accounts?

Why ROOT OVERFLOW Forex Managed Accounts?

                What is a Managed Forex Account?

                A managed Forex Account is an account opened with a broker, where the trading is taken care of by a professional asset manager. However the account holder will be the investor himself and the right to add and withdraw funds remain with him. Inorder to trade the account, the invester gives a Limited Power of Attorney to the asset manager.
                Needless to say, Managed accounts are increasing its popularity in the niche of Forex trading when compared to Hedge funds. In a layman’s language, Managed accounts is an account opened in the name of an investor, entrusted to a licensed broker to avail professional asset managers to trade the funds by submitting a Limited Power of Attorney. However the investor holds all the rights to access his funds any time using his log id and password that is usually provided to him by the broker.

1. Brokers are top regulated! Top Forex Managed Accounts

                Every day in the Forex market has been steadily increasing the number of traders because of the good opportunities for quick money. Against this background, it is increasing the number of Forex brokers who are ready to offer the best trading conditions in the struggle for a new customer. Among them are not so rare unscrupulous firms which prey on the credulity of inexperienced traders. They interfere with their trade by manipulating the quotations of currency pairs, do not allow open transactions at a reasonable price, widen spreads or even withdraw funds. To distinguish a reliable broker from unfair dealing centers is not easy, especially if you have recently come to the Forex. To save your time and money, we were rating of Forex brokers, which includes only proven and experiential brokerage companies. Moreover, to the left of the main rating you will find a list of brokers, divided into categories depending on your style of trading, the use of the trading platform, the requirements for the broker, the payment system of preference

a.         Swissquote Bank Ltd | Best forex fund Management Company 

                                Swissquote Bank is a Swiss leader in online trading and financial services.
                                The company is headquartered in Gland, Switzerland; the company also has offices in Zurich, Bern, Dubai, Malta and Hong Kong. As a recognized public bank Swissquote Bank Ltd is regulated by the Swiss Service for Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and is a member of the Swiss Bankers Association. Swissquote Asia Ltd has a license from the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC), whereas Swissquote MEA Ltd is licensed by the Office for Regulation and Supervision of the Dubai Financial Services (DFSA).
Swissquote Group Holding Ltd is listed on the Swiss stock exchange (SIX Swiss Exchange, symbol: SQN).
                                Established:  1997
                                Dubai Financial Market Commission (UAE)
                                addresses Ch. de la Crétaux 33 Case Postale 319 Gland, CH 1196 Switzerland

                b.            AxiTrader | Best forex fund Management Company

                                As we’re traders too, we understand you want a great 24-hour service, tight spreads and fast execution with minimal slippage. So that’s what we deliver. Our trading solutions are sophisticated enough for experienced traders yet simple enough for those with less experience. Whatever your Forex experience, we’ve got a solution that suits your needs.
                                i.   AxiTrader for Forex Trading
                                ii.  Award-Winning Service
                                iii. 24 Hour Support

2.            Safety of Funds | Top Forex Money managers

                In the financial industry, an essential requirement is the safety of clients’ funds.

                Root overflow forex safeguards Clients' funds by adopting the below procedures:

                Accounts with Top Tier Banks: root overflow forex provides banking and treasury services and other world-class banking institutions to its clients. These banks are completely independent and do not endorse the obligations of root overflow forex to its customers.

                Segregation of Client Funds: Client funds security is a key element of the Group's philosophy alongside unmatched trading conditions and customer support. Our clients are assured that their funds are held with security, clarity and integrity. root overflow forex maintains segregated client accounts to ensure that client funds are fully separated from root overflow forex own funds at all times. Each client account has a unique code to ensure that it is used solely for client funding purposes. All client funds deposited are completely segregated in accordance with strict policies and procedures.

                Protection by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme: root overflowforex treats all clients as retail clients in an attempt to offer the highest protection. Since the company is a member of FSCS, its clients may be eligible to receive compensation in case of the inability/failure of the member to fulfill its financial obligations. For more information about the Financial Services Compensation Scheme click here

3.            Limited Risk | Top Forex Money managers

                Risk is the main factor in the capital market industry we can’t avoid the risk but also it’s an opportunity to make high return anyway we can limit the risk with a “Rescue Level”
                ROOT OVERFLOW offer Rescue level for their investor to limit loss in case anything happens negatively  as very unexpected situation based on many reasons such as Global crises, CHF crash or any other big political issues, natural disaster etc.
                What is Rescue Level? The Rescue Level specifies the percentage of an Investor's account balance that she/he can keep secured in case of loss. Once that level is reached, all open trades in the Investor’s account are closed and the remaining funds are no longer available to the Manager.

4.            Professional Traders | Top forex traders

                ROOT OVERFLOW FOREX has a group of professional traders from worldwide as full-time traders
                Monitoring market moves, news, events also caching trends through technical analysis
                Each person knows the truth, it is better to learn from others' mistakes than their own, this statement also applies to forex trading.
                Tips professional traders will help you avoid the mass of all kinds of errors that often cause loss of funds.
                Tips are simple in nature, but allow to make trading more efficient and profitable, regardless of a length of service on the foreign exchange market.

5.            Long time Trading experience | Profitable forex managed accounts

                As we find ourselves in the forex? What we initially touches this adventure? After all, other than gamble, can not be called our decision to engage in such activity, even where the official propaganda says that few people achieve success in this field.

                Although not advertised forex everywhere very rosy, as the work and the opportunity to earn additional income. It is only then you recognize that 95% of traders lose and only 5% of supposedly stable in positive territory. So, on the one hand, the scales, there is a high probability of loss, and on the other side of the scale is the opportunity! - For as much as 5% of those who supposedly lives with Forex, who seem to become successful and steadily making money on it! On this side of the scale, we have seen for the possibility that sufficient effort, can become independent in this earthly life since it turns out someone ...

                Root overflow forex always selects top fund managers to manage their client's funds who have audited, verified long time track records

6.            Managed trader account.

                In this type of managed account, an individual investor is provided with experienced Forex trader services.

                In some respects, the employee may be higher than the robot simply because programs are being developed such as professional Forex traders.

                Trading robot style often takes the form of style developer and trade preferences. Instinctive decisions as is typical for this type of account, because it controls the people, there is always the possibility of errors, although the risk is relatively low: professional traders learn to be less emotional.

7.            Strict Money Management | Profitable forex managed accounts

                Forex trading is a very risky business and finds the right level of risk is not always so easy. risk and capital management are directly related to the size and position of the key aspects of the trade.

                Strict money management and risk control a must for long term success in the forex market. The high leverage that is available to forex traders to make very important nayavnym manage risk and avoid congested positions. Successful money management in Forex, primarily aimed at the conservation of the initial trading capital. Below you can find articles and tips to help you limit the loss of any given transaction and not be destroyed by the time series of losses.

8.            Low leverage/volume | Trusted forex managed accounts

                Root overflow forex can use maximum 1:10 leverage based one market plus


9.            Transparency | Trusted forex managed accounts

                Your account is always visible to your observation
                you can withdraw at any time in case you are not satisfied with our service
                (Investors Can monitor there Trading Accounts any time without any restriction)

10.          No Third-Party Transaction | ROOT OVERFLOW FOREX MANAGED ACCOUNTS

                A third-party transaction is a business deal involving a buyer, a seller and a third party. The third party's involvement varies with the type of business transaction. For example, an online payment portal, such as PayPal, acts as a third party in a retail transaction. A seller offers a good or service, and a buyer uses a credit card entered through the PayPal payment service. The payment is run through a third party, and is therefore a third-party transaction.
                Your money always under your Account and on your control
                Accounts will be under the Investor's name who has the only access to withdrawals and deposits
                Fund manager will do trades through Limited power of attorney (LPOA)


                Some Fund Managers will ask you to lock your investment for a fixed period or months
                If you agreed to it’s very risky to your capital on future ROOT OVERFLOW forex allow you to disconnect any time from their master account .

12.          Islamic Accounts | ROOT OVERFLOW FOREX MANAGED ACCOUNTS

                Swap free investor Accounts available!



                Forex Managed Accounts
                                Minimum Deposit: $5000
                                Minimum Deposit Period: Nil
                                Expected Monthly Profit: between 5-15%
                                Expected Annual Profit: between 80-150%
                                Expected Draw Down: between 0-20%
                                Maximum Risk: 30% of investment
                                Rescue Level: 30% of Equity Based on Monthly Closing
                                Performance Fee: 30% of net profit Based on HWM
                                Other Charges: NO Markup, NO Setup Fee, NO Annual fee
                                Broker: AxiTrader Regulated by SCA UAE, FCA UK, ASIC AUS.
                                Trading Style/Strategy: Manual, Scalping, Short time Price Action
                                Trading Instruments: Currency
                                Lot size: 1 standard lot for 100K
                                Platform: MT4 Nexgen
                                Required Leverage: 1:50
                                Required Documents: ID, address proof, Signed LPOA
                                Investor Live Access: Yes
                                Islamic Accounts Available

Now you have understood about Why ROOT OVERFLOW Forex Managed Accounts?
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