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Underwear the color of passion

Underwear the color of passion

Underwear the color of passion
It turns out that the color of underwear is very important for the intimate life - different colors evoke different emotions in man. For example, red and black underwear symbolizes passion, yellow and green - the tenderness and stability, white - romance and tenderness. Today we tell about the eight colors of underwear, with which you can "manipulate" the desires of men. Look ...

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Beige underwear

Underwear the color of passion

beige lingerie do not like men

This is the worst option for women. As they say sexologists, beige underwear choose a notorious woman whose personal life is virtually absent. But the most dangerous thing a beige linen often choose to married women, and do not even think that literally put his own cross on his own intimate life. If a lot of beige linen, do not be surprised in your wardrobe, your spouse lost interest to you, it is simply not enough sexual energy, once who beat you. Therefore beige beleiz "sex scenes" should be excluded, if you like it, wear it day and night change.

White underwear

White linen color symbolizes purity and chastity

Underwear the color of passion

White has always been the embodiment of female purity and chastity. No wonder the young girls always chose their white underwear. But if white underwear chooses an older woman, it speaks about the hidden sexuality, which she hides or unconsciously, or "plays" in purity. That's not bad, but then behave in bed should be, respectively, modestly, without passions and violent emotions.

Black color underwear

Black linen color chosen confident women

Underwear the color of passion

Black color - the personification of something mysterious and magical. It is chosen by confident women who always used to achieve their own and take it, as they say, the bull by the horns. Plus black underwear could hide figure flaws and beneficial to emphasize the dignity. Underwear black, as is known, chosen courtesan and socialites who knew a lot about the secret desires of men.

Red underwear

Red symbolizes the bright linen sexy woman

Underwear the color of passion

Red - the color of passion, fire and an open sexual energy. Women who wish to bring a partner, always dresses in red underwear. Man subconsciously feels from a woman's frantic desire and mood for vivid sexual relations. They say that even the most frigid man (well, that I have not seen such))) in the form of red underwear feels pulsating in an intimate place and excitement. But with the red underwear to be careful - if you are not sure of their sexual power, it is better not to use it, otherwise, arousing a man, you can not justify his expectations.

Purple, violet, or purple color underwear

Purple lingerie - the true color of love

Underwear the color of passion

Purple, magenta and purple - the true colors of love, affection and harmony. It expresses the passion even more than red. These colors are in the lead in the frequency of occurrence in the male erotic magazines. it is believed that the man at the subconscious level liberates and sees a woman clever seductress and the queen in bed.

Yellow underwear

Linen Yellow expresses youthful energy and excites desire

Underwear the color of passion

Bright yellow and orange colors indicate laxity, permissiveness and open sexuality. This causes the color to attract attention and excites desire. In France, in the old days, courtesans were forced to dress in bright yellow dress, the most "promising" them bright sexual emotions and stormy night. But if you want to hide their sexual knowledge and to make an impression on a man of integrity, then don the pale yellow underwear. This is especially good when you're with a man just go in your relationship to intimacy. Do not just show that you are experienced in this case a woman.

Blue or blue underwear

The blue color of the underwear is too cold for vivid intimacy

Blue and blue colors evoke associations cold. A man can take you beyond the Snow Queen, which hardly surprised him in bed. This color well to choose if you want to, on the contrary, does not captivate a man and make it clear that you do not want it, because there are men-hunters, which is important to achieve the inaccessible women.

Green linen

green underwear for men and boring for stable pairs

Underwear the color of passion

Green linen color may prefer women who have all steadily and consistently in the intimate life. It is good for couples who are together for a long time and everything about each other know. For the "new" relationship it is better not to choose, it is too dull and unpromising for the man.

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