Saturday, November 5, 2016

Experience Economy

As authoritative experts say, from about 90-ies of the last century, we are entering a new economic formation - in the era of Experience Economy and economy of the consumer experience as the main battleground for customer management becomes the experience of the consumer (see article Pine, J. and. Gilmore, J. (1999) of The Experience, Economy , the Business School, the Harvard Press, The Boston, 1999).

If you try to briefly define the concept of "consumer experience", according to various sources, "it is the total experience from the customer interaction with the company / brand throughout the entire life cycle of their relationship *" or, in other words, "the user experience - is the set of all contact points facing (or interacts with) the consumer, and that work on the attraction, interaction and cultivation of their future relations. "

For any company that wants to succeed in the market, it is important that its potential consumer, hitting on one or another stage in this sequence of development of relations, moving along this chain in the right direction and, if possible, quickly.

In today's reality of the customer experience - it is quite tangible, real practice, the value of which the following data:
- 87% of customers will never return to the company, if their experience with it has been unsuccessful (according to the Right Now Technologies' and the Harris Interactive has)
- About good user experience tells an average of 8 people, about the poor - more than 22 m (according to the company TeleFaction).
- in order to "neutralize" one bad user experience, requires at least 10 positive (according TeleFaction company)
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