Thursday, November 3, 2016

Air conditioning Air conditioning repairs

Air conditioning repairs

Air conditioning repairs

maintenance of air conditioners
We offer several options for servicing domestic and commercial air conditioners ( split-systems ). All service options are valid for setting a service at least 3 air conditioners, which are in the same building. It is assumed that access to the outside and the indoor unit is possible without using the services of industrial climber and special equipment. With a large number of air conditioners offer discounts on the prices specified in the  price list .

Economical option (service 1 time per year)

Our experts once a year (usually in the early spring) conducted a full cleaning and diagnostics of the air conditioner. Conditioning test in all operating modes, measured in a number of settings that affect the duration of the air conditioning service life and safety of the operation to others (refrigerant pressure in the system, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the evaporator, the leak "phases" to the housing , and so on. N. ) . The audit survey compiled Act. If the pressure in the Freon system is slightly different from the norm, which may be caused by the allowable leak Freon in the 30-50 grams a year, it made a free refill freon air conditioning. If detected a serious malfunction, it is made a separate budget, which includes all parts and labor needed to repair the air conditioner. In this case, the air conditioner repairs made by the customer. In case of malfunction during operation of the equipment by the Customer, our specialists carried out diagnostics of the air conditioner for free. Note that this option provides for periodic cleaning of the indoor unit filters the Customer in accordance with operating instructions.
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