Saturday, October 29, 2016

What and how to swing on th9 clash of clans 2016

What and how to swing on th9 clash of clans 2016

What and how to swing on th9

What and how to swing on th9? Usually those who reach the ninth town hall, rarely ask this question. But if you have doubts, The order of pumping th9 th8 is no different, except that the added crossbows, but it is better to swing after a ride will be Tesla. Read about pumping th8 article can be here .

Ninth Hall - watershed level in clash of clans, a long time is necessary to download the heroes, road fence. If you can not take the time to play during the day, then completely begins to disappear little by little the desire to play.

This is purely my thoughts and maybe someone differently formed an opinion about how the rocks th9.

Before moving on th10 necessarily have to bleed all in full, otherwise, will be coming th11 and take your resources. Those who are on the attack th11 nobody except a dozen and unmatched. But it is easier to break the enemy is weaker than his own kind. Less expenditure on the army, and quickly pays for itself. The only downside is that with th11 th10 take less than if attacked th11 th11.

That's all, enjoyable game to you!

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