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What and how to swing on th8 clash of clans 2016

What and how to swing on th8 clash of clans 2016

What and how to swing on th8

The information raised in this article, can someone seem obvious, but for many it will be useful.

As swing at th8 after improved town hall on the eighth level? The first place to improve the lab to the next level, for her new affordable trap and the remaining new building.

Dragon Clash of Clans

Dragon Clash of Clans
If you are a fan of clan wars, after the improvement of the laboratory put rock dragon on the third level, and the zipper on the fifth for him. Attacks by dragons on th8 popular and them, when thought out tactics, you can break absolutely any th8, regardless of the pumping and placement.

Using two-fifths and one zemletryasuschee lightning spell can destroy one defense on the basis of the enemy, in this case, you will have a place in the spell that will consider a large number of tactics, changing the composition, picking up the necessary in order to bring the three-star clan to attack.

In addition to the dragon on the eighth Hall topmiksom very effective attack. For this army take two Golem , three Pekka several bombers and the rest of the magicians . Spells for this formulation at all different preferences. The most common option is two healing spells, one angry and one poisonous spell.

If your square is in the background, the better laboratories primarily to improve the archers, they are very well help in time farming resources.

New defenses we pump to the seventh level of the town hall, and only then improve them further. From defense to the maximum level in the first place is better to pump Tesla because they attack both air and ground targets, thus do the most damage of any fortifications on th8. After pumping Tesla, better improve the defense in this order:

Towers archers
Tower magicians
In between, if possible and if resources are available, Suck trap and fence. Bob th8 a maximum long time, but I still advise you to bring your th8 on full, otherwise, as Rascher on th9, you will beat the ungodly, and take resources.

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