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What and how to swing on th7 clash of clans 2016

What and how to swing on th7 clash of clans 2016

What and how to swing on th7 clash of clans 2016

If you are after a town hall to improve on the seventh level, there are questions about what the rock in the first place on th7, then this article is for you.

What and how to swing on th7 clash of clans 2016

Defense th7

To begin with, we put such buildings as a camp, a simple barracks, cannons, archers tower, and all traps except adzes. These structures are placed fairly quickly.Then we put on the improvement of the laboratory, factory and barracks spell to open the dragon, so you can take easy with treshki square. Then we put new air defense and mortar.

It is advisable to pump new buildings on the sixth level of the town hall and then to improve them further.

All defenses in clash of clans can be divided into three types.

The first type of attack air targets;
The second type, which is attacking ground targets;
The third type of attack both ground and aerial targets.
In the first place to the next level swing set and the third type is better in this order:

Towers archers;
Tower magicians;
Then improve air defense, and after it has mortars and guns. As it is necessary to pay special attention to the fence, he plays an important role in the defense of the village. Many players do not attach any importance to this, as a result of losing resources because they are much easier to break.

If you change the arrangement, weak fence set at the outer edge, rather than inside, because the extreme wall will break anyway, and in the center of the enemy will be more difficult to move around your base.

A recent update clash of clans, which has made the possibility of the storage resources in the town hall, make life easier for th7, because it has not yet built a repository of dark elixir, it can accumulate in the Town Hall, where the capacity is 2500 dark elixir. Therefore, the attacks will be collected on the black king.

The well is a dark elixir is wise to deliver after you apply the dark vault.

Before going on the eighth level of the town hall, bleed all available facilities, or will come th9 and easily take your resources.
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