Saturday, October 29, 2016

Update clash of clans May 2016

Update clash of clans May 2016

Update clash of clans May 2016

The developers of the super cell published information about a future update clash of clans, which is expected in late May, immediately after the boost per crystal.

Changes in th11:

Guns 14 level.
Hell Hound 4 level.
Balloon 7 level.
Changes in th10:

The bouncer takes 6 persons in camps, instead of 8.
Changes in th7:

Traps spring has 5 levels.
In addition to innovations in the levels of certain town halls, the future update clash of clans affects all players:

Adding new features to the village change mode, which should facilitate this action.
The ability to donate units and spells straight from the training stage, even if there is no place in the camps.
It is now possible to change in the barracks and factories workout place, while progress has not changed.
Make a request to the troops directly from the menu.
In the setting of the function appears, which enables you to watch every move of the war clan.
If you click on the builder, it will suggest possible improvements to the village.
During the battle, it is now seen as one looks battle in real time.

In the chat window you will be prompted button troops.
developers will present friendly tests that will attack each other without losing troops in camps in the May update clash of clans. For winning player will be awarded with anything, be it resources, trophies, spells, etc.

The clan chat button added to "test", clicking that, you give the opportunity to attack the village clan mates. However, they will not be able to steal resources or to harm the country.

You can select the alignment, which stands at the moment, or choose any other, which is stored previously in order to carry out a test on it.

If the fortress clan will be in force, they will defend the village during the test. Even if at the time they die, then at the end of a fight they will.

During the attack on the village in the test mode, the attacker does not lose its units and spells, so you can not save and attack in full force. As this fight can be viewed in real time or later see the replay, which will be published in the clan chat.

friendly combat function has been implemented in xmodgames. Many people know that developers clash of clans began to ban players who use xmod. This can be called the legalization of the reader, because now anyone can rebuild the same base as the enemy in the square and train her endlessly without losing army.

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