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The order of development th7 Clash of Clans

The order of development th7 Clash of Clans

The order of development th7 Clash of Clans

This article is required reading if there are questions about whether it is better to download in the first place, after the town hall has improved to the seventh level.

As well as at any level of the town hall after the transition to th7, put all new facilities. Along with them, improving laboratory and factory spells.

Everyone has different priorities in the game, someone who likes to participate in the square, but someone in general are indifferent clan wars.

The Dragon
Dragon tier
If you are fans of square, I advise you as soon as possible to open the dragon , and put it in the laboratory to improve. Using Dragon can beat any th7 and even base, close to the average pumping th8, can not resist the second dragon by deliberate tactics of attack. For information on how to attack the dragons on th7 described here .

For those who are not important to participate in the square, the special procedure to improve the units in the laboratory is not, but it is better to pump primarily archers , followed by the Giants to farm resources.

One of the major innovations - this is what you can buy on th7 king of barbarians, which is 10000 dark elixir. In order to quickly build up a dark elixir, you need to forget about the rest of the farm resources, making the army, consisting of dragons and look at the dark rich elixir eighths town halls. With proper planting, dragons necessarily reach the store dark elixir and take all of it. This way you can fairly quickly buy King.

Why look for the eighth Hall? Yes, because with them it is available much more dark elixir than the same th7. Also, it is possible to farm Barchem, as is described here .

The defense is better to download in the following order:

Defense - helps to square in defense and in multiplayer mode against attacks eighths town halls that come with the Giants and healers. Defense quickly cracked down on Khilkov and all other defenses to the remaining troops.

Tower magicians - quickly destroys diffused blow small ground and air forces, the Barbarians, Archers, balloons, fly, etc.

Tower archers - frequent and accurate blow inflicted damage land and air forces.

Tesla - they are not visible to a certain point and inflict heavy damage attacking units.

Mortar - how and the tower mages, destroys small units scattered impact.

Cannon - pumped one of the last, because the attack only ground troops.

Cleaner - on th7 it helps, but not much, so it remains for dessert.

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