Monday, October 31, 2016

The order of development TH6 Clash of Clans

The order of development TH6 Clash of Clans

The order of development TH6 Clash of Clans

So, the town hall on the sixth level improved. What to download first?

To start build new facilities available, but the cleaner can wait, it is of little sense to th6 and is not cheap.

Once everything is new built, you need to improve laboratory and factory spells. If you like square, after the improvement of laboratory study put on the balloons to the third level, and after a healing spell.

With an army of 20 balls in the third level, and archers , can be broken any th6, regardless of the placement and leveling.

If you participate in clan wars is not important, it is better to put in a laboratory to explore the Giants . They are good at can help pharma resources. To learn how you can farm resources in Clash of Clans automatically by a computer can be read here .

After that you need to improve the clan fortress, because it will add five more seats to the army. Suck primarily buildings, which belong to the attacks - the barracks of the camp.

Defensive buildings is preferable to improve in the following order:

mages Tower
Tower archers
Air defense
A gun
This procedure not only as specified. The first are those defenses that cause damage to both air forces and ground.

If there is a bit of extra resources, do not skimp on the pumping of the fence. It is not so much worth it, and sooner or later, it will still have to improve. It is very good for the village defense.

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