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Step by step instructions clarity of thought

Step by step instructions clarity of thought

Step by step instructions clarity of thought

How to learn to clearly articulate their thoughts

Were there with you or with your friends is a situation when you do not have enough words to express my feelings. It seems that everyone would give, if only to learn how to communicate their message to the people clearly express their ideas.

It turns out that for a long time there are some step by step instructions that respond to a very important question: "How to learn to clearly express their thoughts?"

So, the first step - forming vocabulary

Have you ever thought that with all the wealth and power of our language, in everyday life we ​​enjoy very limited amount of scrap. That is why, when we find ourselves in a strange or different from an ordinary situation, we become difficult to express their thoughts so that it sounded clearly and understandably.

How popomnit vocabulary? It will help us in this child's play. Remarkably, if you refer to it all households. Be sure that children in the first place to respond to your offer, and the rest of your family would be interested to participate in a kind of vocabulary contest.

Meaning we invented the game is that while having mundane chores to diversify his life with words from another sphere. For example, imagine that you steep the doctor, which is located on an important transaction, not the usual cooking dinner. Here you turn to her husband, but did not ask him to give a knife and a scalpel.

In turn, he asks to add to the tea source of vitamin C, rather than the usual lemon. Using the vocabulary words in normal circumstances, you will become more relaxed in communication. And no matter what topic (politics or movies) will be your conversation. After all, our goal is to learn flexibility of thinking, remembering, and when use of the word wasted a split second.

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The second step - reading as a source of age-old wisdom

Learn how to say - it is very small. It is also important what we say. To our words have acquired a deeper meaning, you need to read a lot (See. "How to read more books"). It is in the books is the truth and the answers to many questions. Reading the classic works, we are adopting a style of thinking, doing his own thoughts beautiful and graceful.

Not for nothing the writers even there the floor saying, semi credo. Its essence lies in the fact that in order to write one of your own work, you need to read a hundred others. I agree that there is some truth in this kind of reasoning.

If you develop the habit of reading every day, then you will not notice how much richer will your thinking. You will be able to think in terms and images. In everyday life, to give examples, using synonyms or referring to the comparison.

By the way, the idea can be trained. This will help us to make you think? A very small thing - keeping a personal journal. Try every day to record everything that happened to you during the day. Compose short stories, where you become the protagonist. These exercises allow you to think in complete sentences, which, in turn, will greatly simplify the presentation of his own thoughts when communicating.

Another advantage of keeping a diary is that with a simple notebook and pen, you can analyze and understand yourself better. Thus, working on their desires and capabilities.

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The final third step - died a hundred times, one - cut off

In this proverb concluded valuable grain of truth, which can be consumed in our case. To clearly and articulate your thoughts, you need to learn not to rush with their own statements. Better to think a hundred times, and only then (and judging hanging) to say something.

If you are going to an important meeting not be amiss to think in advance and to prepare his speech. Write down the key ideas on a piece of paper. Practice saying them in front of a mirror. Akin to this speech.

Well, if harvested phrase will bounce from your language into the machine. Then, even if you succumb to the excitement and the head of all thoughts will fly, the muscle memory does everything for you. Start talking, you will remember the training and the words themselves will form at the right offer.

Stick to these newly derived rules, and you will succeed! Do not be afraid of the first to start a conversation, but do not rush with the statements. Always make sure that how and to whom you speak. Think before you open your mouth. Keep calm. Always be sure of your success.

And the most important. Attention!

We must not forget to smile! A smile makes the man, sets up all on peaceful state, helping to achieve mutual understanding. So, as they say in the boards for the girls who say that if they do not know what to say, then simply smile and correct dress.

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