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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

On Tourism in layman's terms

On Tourism in layman's terms

On Tourism in layman's terms
5 February there was a meeting of representatives of "Center of Tourism Development of the Kirov region" with employees Kotelnich district administration, "the Center for Culture and Tourism" Kotelnich, museums and the history of the peasantry Vyatka Paleontological, travel agencies "Vyatskie dinosaurs" and journalists "Kotelnich messenger" and "Vyatka Earth ". The event took place in the mode of a workshop on the development of domestic tourism and Kotelnich Kotelnich area .

However, from the city it was only representatives of Dinopark and travel agencies, so it was more about the regional attractions. After just a couple of words about the essence of the meeting, said that the head of the district A. Mamaev, the initiative passed to Valeria Brovtsyna, the newly appointed director of "Tourism Development Center of the Kirov region." She told the audience about the project "Vsevyatskaya trail." It is planned that this route will pass through the entire area, from Luzsky to Urzhum areas, and will cover 13 municipalities. The entire Route is divided into 30 sections, each of which can be passed in a single weekend. Tourists will be able to pass the path of part or all of its entirety. The length of it will be about 600 kilometers.
I read a little on the internet about this trail. Here he writes about the project initiator of its creation by Sergei Gerasimov "From Kirov came to Luz. From there on the bus, for example, to Lalsk, and within two days of Lalsk you go to Luz, but on the other side of the river, and visit the interesting objects that are there. From Luza you return to Kirov. Up-Let, next weekend or next year you go back into the pocket and get to Sholgi, from there back to Kirov. The following weekend back in Sholgu and get to Podosinovtsa. "
That is, the project aims to pro-work clear navigation in the region, with reference to the map terrain. Although this is not a new invention, but a well-forgotten old. In Soviet times, to publish books such as "Map of tourist routes of the Kirov region," where those are clearly specified, and the distance between settlements, the points where you can replenish drinking water camp. Of course, specifies all the attractions, the most difficult place to pass, the attached map, including topographic, recommendations on campaign organization, to the point that put in a backpack and how from nothing to do something. And even if we take into account that now travel more by car, then the information is not out of place in the harsh denseness vyat areas.
The audience was asked to collect such information in their area (routes, distances, infrastructure facilities, places of food and accommodation, attractions, event management) and send in the "Center of tourism development of the Kirov region." And then it turned out that such information from the district administration and all those present in the area have been sent very, very much: and tourist routes are ready, and infrastructure data, and event-related celebrations, and to do it every year for many years. And it is gone somewhere. But Valery Brovtsyna said that now would be all in a different way, all the information will be processed and used for other purposes. During this year, will form the routes, and then offered to tour operators, so that they promote them. However, Tatyana Novoselova of travel agencies "Vyatskie dinosaurs" noticed that the Kirov tour operators for a long time the whole territory prosherstili formed the tours based on the cost and turprivlekatelnosti, and it is unlikely they will greatly help information provided by the "Tourism Development Centre", as it has been available in all. Promotion of the area's attractions, and the real business investment -. Different things
mentioned the project "Tranzit43", which is being implemented since the end of last year and aims to collect and disseminate relevant information on tourist activities in the Kirov region, the positive practices of the organization of travel in various forms in the forms. Designed for travelers in transit. Would you like to post information about themselves on their website, and along the way to get your own, which will promote the creators of the project, - to pay 6000 rubles a year, included in the package (quote from the site , spelling preserved):
Website "under key " seasoned professional website" turnkey. " Corporate mail. Support during the whole period. Participation in the regional project Participation in reginalnom project. Low cost (subsidized by the state). Attraction of additional klinetov. Special offers Special offers, terms and prices.

While this resource took advantage of a couple of clubs, restaurants and a hotel. It is, in my view, the site is not clear outlined the project are, as such, is hardly interesting, is not very clear whether such a project subsidy from the state, as is done now.
We talked about promoting Kotelnich and district at the federal level. So far as I know, the Moscow tour operators interested we only museum of history of the peasantry, but such tours demand is low, then there is a large flow of tourists this year does not threaten us. Separately, talk about agro-tourism (tourism is such that for the money tourist rides weeding carrots and milk cows), and then, of course, Savkova family was the center of attention. They built a guest house, and fishing from them and picking berries and mushrooms, and pigs, and potatoes - in short, a wonderful opportunity for tourists to live the present rural life, and in a very comfortable environment. And they are ready to receive tourists, but it is also a very local project.
Next AA Mamaev talked a lot about the tourist resources of the area. It turns out his words, that in terms of attractiveness for tourism with us, except for Kirov region, no area can not be compared. And there are attractions and accommodation facilities, and infrastructure, and good location ... In a word, decided to develop tourism.
I came home, I thought. Here I am the father of two sons, and the main thing for me at the organization of rest, so it was interesting to them. Statistics show that the majority of families with children (more than half of all travelers) is guided by the same principle. I remembered where to start mass tours to Kazan from Kirov - with the construction of the water park! Prior to this, no weekly bus tourist routes there was not, although the historical and cultural program
of the tour in the city, who remembered Ivan the Terrible, was as interesting and sublime. But we built a water park, then a second, ponaotkryvali all interactive museums that differ from the usual local history, led the city in order, on the Volga organized walks - almost 8 billion earned Tatarstan on tourists in the past year. Build Kotelnich waterpark - rush here from all over the region and from neighboring, too, immediately catch up with operators and form a tour in which, in addition to the water park, plan to visit and Dinopark, and all the museums. Immediately interested in business, scenting profit. But we need to build a real interesting turobekt, and today it is a water park, or an analogue of Disneyland. More options can not see.
And in general, it is entrepreneurs are most sharply felt the onset of the crisis, the peak of which, contrary to the rosy forecasts of the government, has not yet passed. And I understand that the money from the people, even at the cheapest tourism may not be enough, and if and scrape, then go they surely to the sea or in the Moscow-Petersburg, Kazan, and not in Kotelnich to admire buckets-rockers or the largest in pareiasaur world located on a deserted and devoid of infrastructure banal bank of Vyatka.
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