Friday, October 21, 2016

Mafia 3 Hotfix 1.01 Download

Mafia 3 Hotfix 1.01

Mafia 3 Hotfix 1.01

Description and instructions

UPDATE 10/14 : We just rolled out a fix on the computer that accesses the vague rendering for some players, and other stability improvements.We're still working on the more difficult for the Mafia III and share more information next week. Thanks for the answer!

Original publication: Patch 1.01 ready for download
PC players to restart the Mafia III, because the patch 1.01 is now available for download. This patch includes 30, 60, and an unlimited number of frames per second settings on your computer. To select a frame rate, a head in the menu display in the game. Just make sure to adapt the frame rate settings to power the machine. This patch also includes enhancements keyboard remapping, so the head of the menu controls to check the settings. Note: this patch resets the default keyboard layout, so any changes made to the controls previously must be configured after installing the patch.

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