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Mad scientists and their habitats impressions of Dishonored 2

Mad scientists and their habitats impressions of Dishonored 2

Mad scientists and their habitats impressions of Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 - a great example of a game, the essence does not change: its creators just do the job on the bugs. On "Igromir" exhibition we were able to assess the game on personal experience and saw, in fact, the first part, which was slightly better in everything: in the visual and in terms of gameplay. But during the session, we did not leave only one idea - it's the same version of 2012, but adjusted for current trends.

During the presentation we tried one of the levels we Dishonored 2. Before the start of the mission had the opportunity to choose who will be the protagonist - an old friend Corvo Atta or prettier Emily Kolduin. In the release version, according to developers, this trick will not be able to crank out: the choice of the character have to do in advance, and change the character on the move will not work. Both allow the hero to pass right through the game, or in stealth, but the difference in the special abilities severely limit the possibility of alternative routes.

The proposed mission, we had two goals: to rescue the famous scientist Anton Sokolov of intricate castle and in any way to eliminate the kidnapper. The location turned out amazing in many ways: the estate is a kind of mechanical Rubik's Cube. By rooms arranged levers, switching that can reshape the layout so that you can hardly remember how ended up in a new place. From under the feet leave the floor and the walls move apart and new passages are opened in their place. Such plans interactive levels we promise everywhere, and this location - just one of many others.

Castle opens huge space for passage. The most obvious option - to pull the levers and quietly steal up to the lab, where entrenched Kirin Dzhindosh, our main enemy in this mission. Of course, in his laboratory have equipment that allows you to keep track of all the mechanisms. As soon as you cut down or pull lever mechanical guard, he immediately sees your location. However, he lets you get close to him, though not without having to overcome a large number of different obstacles. The process "ahead" is extremely interesting: despite the fact that, in a global sense, you are spotted, you can still hide from the guards and try out new characters abilities.

Emily has the ability Far Reach, allowing it to travel great space in an instant. But, we've used before, but the Shadow Walk allows you to take the form of shadows and secretly moved directly in front of the enemy's nose. The only pity is that this ability works only in the horizontal plane and does not allow to climb the wall. Finally, Emily can "connect" several opponents and focus fire on only one of them. When he will receive a lethal injury, remaining also collapse from the same diagnosis. Skills Corvo we already know: the wind, sweeping away everything in its path, and Bend Time Transfer.

The location, accessible to us, has a great number of paths. Yes, there are many workarounds and loopholes, but the sense from them a little bit, if you have already pulled the lever, and attracted the attention of Kirin. But if you show some ingenuity and feel free to try different tools on environment, it is possible to reach Dzhindosha completely unnoticed. Of course, you have to not to use the lifts and not to draw attention to mechanical guards. However, why would you close the elevator when using Transfer can be reached by the mine up, jump to the balcony and the room to reach the neighboring laboratory? At some point, you realize that to go through this level is completely stealth, playing for Emily, is unlikely to succeed. The fact is that when come across a couple of enemies that do not deviate from each other by a single step and block the passage of time slowing down helps to deal with the guards before one of them is something suspect. A female character similar capacity not - not all levels may be ideal to pass one particular hero.

Aside from the level design, Dishonored 2 perceived exactly as the previous part. The game forces you to go to adapt to changing environmental conditions, while allowing a few seconds to think. As a result - or accidentally found a hurry secret passages, which you would not normally have guessed, or completely blank ammunition. In our case, we were locked under the desk four large robots: none of them could not see us, but also to go into patrol mode also did not try.

Dishonored sequel will be very rich in a variety of in-game situation, but you will enjoy it only if you were a fan of the original.

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