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I will write a 500 word unique article and blog post


The main purpose of scientific publication - to acquaint the scientific community with the results of the author's research, as well as to identify its priority in the chosen field of science.

The scientific article is a brief, but sufficient for understanding the report on the investigation and determination of its implications for the development of this field of science. It shall contain sufficient information and references to its sources, to colleagues themselves were able to assess and verify the results.

I will write a 500 word unique article and blog post

The article should be clearly and concisely outline the current state of the problem, the purpose and methodology of the study, the results and discussion of the data obtained. This may be the results of their experimental studies, generalization of manufacturing experience, as well as an analytical overview of the information in this area.

The work devoted to the experimental (practical) studies necessary to describe the method of experiments to assess the accuracy and reproducibility of the results. It is desirable that the results were presented in visual form: in the form of tables, graphs, diagrams.

When writing an article should comply with the rules of construction of scientific publications and adhere to the requirements of scientific style of speech. It provides an unambiguous perception and evaluation of data readers.

The main features of scientific style - objectivity, consistency, accuracy .

To comply with the requirements of objectivity, scientific speech should not be allowed to use the scientific article of emotional expression and personal assessments.

Consistency implies strict semantic relationship at all levels of the text: information blocks, sayings, words in a sentence. Compliance with semantic accuracy and consistency should be followed in the construction of a paragraph. In particular, the proposal, which it opens, it should be thematic, ie contain a question or a brief introduction to data presentation. In the next sentence of the paragraph describes specific information - data, ideas and evidence. Ends foregoing paragraph generalization - a proposal that contains a conclusion. An important condition for reading comprehension is the simplicity of the presentation, so in the same sentence should contain only one idea.

The need to comply with the requirement of accuracy is shown in the fact that a significant place in the scientific text occupy terms. The uniqueness of the allegations reached their correct use. To this end, the author must follow certain rules:

use of common, clear and unambiguous terms;
the introduction of new, infrequent term necessarily explain its meaning;
not to use the concept of having two values ​​are not specified, it will be applied in any of them;
not to use the same word in two different meanings and words in one sense;
do not abuse the foreign-language terms, if there are equivalents in the Russian language.
At the beginning of work on the article you must set ourselves the following questions.

1. What is the main purpose of the article? It is necessary to clearly define:

- Are you new research results describe (in which case it will be an experimental article);

- Does the new interpretation of previously published results (summary analytical article, which is used for promotion and justification of major hypotheses);

- Does the literature review or a major theme (it is important to show the author, a critical attitude to the material in question, in this article the necessary analysis and synthesis).

2. What is the difference between articles from other studies on the topic, its novelty? It is necessary to determine:

- A contribution to the science of making the publication;

- What have these results to other studies in this area;

- Whether the material published previously.

3. Where there is an article, to whom it is aimed? Before you send an article of the editorial board in which you plan to publish, it is desirable to get acquainted with the "Instructions for Authors" from the outset comply with the requirements of a particular edition of the magazine. The journals, peer-reviewed WAC, you must publish empirical data (analysis), the provisions of the final part of the dissertation work, which presents its own research, the author's developments, rather than a review of research literature on the issue.

It is necessary to know in advance who addressed article. The author has to write a new, not yet known as to make it clear to the reader as much as himself. The most difficult job you need to clarify. If the article is an extension of the already known works (and not only to the author), it makes no sense to repeat them, but rather to address the reader to the original sources.

The next stage - the definition of the main ideas or hypotheses. Naturally, in general it has been formed, nevertheless, it should analyze again. Ideally, the article should be given a question and contain a wealth of information that allows an exhaustive answer it. Formulate working hypotheses, consider the entire spectrum of answers to the main question of the article: and those that you are going to prove, and those who intend to refute.

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