Monday, October 31, 2016

How to recruit people in the Clash Of Clans Clan

How to recruit people in the Clash Of Clans Clan

How to recruit people in the Clash Of Clans Clan

If you decide to create your clan is good think about this decision, because it is very difficult to recruit young people in the clan, and if you at the same time weak village, the chance to get good players even less.

If you are still having created a clan village poor, the people in the recruitment is not necessary to carry out a rigorous selection. Take all in a row, and in the future is already possible to select players according to the criteria. Do not give out positions to the left and to the right, because there are players who are in the preparation of this very post, can kick a clan many people.

There are two ways to recruit people in the clan Clash of Clans:

The first way - is placing a paid or free advertising out of the game, that is, in public servers VKontakte or in various niche sites including on our website.
The second way -. Is to use a global chat in the game
you must have seen how many players will simply write the word set, I do not advise you to write well, because very few people being, you just wasting your time. The word did not interest the set of players, so Make your posts. Prescribe the selection criteria, ie the level, age or pumping.
You can lure players information on Donato, but the players who came from behind Donato, do not stay long.

To simplify and speed up the set of players, use the clipboard of your device. I have an android, and for this purpose I use the keyboard TouchPal.
First I write the text in Notepad, and then copy it, the text is saved in the clipboard and in the future, I insert it into a global chat via keyboard. After I sent the message, changing the language of the game, this is done in order to change the Global and repeat the procedure as long as I have time. Global chat a lot and they are changing the language switching.
That's all, I wish you the adequate and active players.

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