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How to add a booking feature anything by WordPress

How to add a booking feature anything by WordPress

Good day readers. Online booking system (Booking System) allows customers site to see available dates and to reserve something in convenient time. Functional certainly demanded for a number of very different services and WordPress today offers a lot of great plugins that will help to implement this functionality. Few settings and you will schedule, which is updated in real time, showing the dates available for booking and reservation.

1 Table reservations in restaurants and cafes
1.1 the Open the Table the Widget
1.2 Restaurant Reservations
1.3 REDI Restaurant the Reservation
2 Working with the services provided and appointments
2.1 BirchPress the Scheduler
2.2 Booking the Ultra the Pro Appointments the Plugin
2.3 the Easy Appointments
3 Reservation of property
3.1 the WP Booking Calendar Viewing the Simple
3.2 Booking Calendar Viewing
3.3 the Pinpoint Booking the System

Table reservations in restaurants and cafes

If you have many tables and have available time intervals, in which you can reserve one or the other table, then the reservation can be easy to get confused. Good backup plugin will allow you not only to better communicate with your customers, but also offer an efficient reservation management system

Open Table Widget allows you to add a web site OpenTable reservation form. Despite the fact that there is an official plugin widget gives you an alternative to the simplistic design and more features.

Basic plugin is free, but there is also a premium version, the price which starts from $ 37. The paid version offers support for international restaurants, the ability to optimize the content that goes up to the widget and post it for the search engines and more.

Restaurant Reservations

The popular plugin Restaurant Reservations offers not only the function of online backup, but also helps to manage the reservation system. There is a function confirmation or cancellation of the booking, which is implemented by kastomiziruemoy email-newsletter, which is created directly in the plug-in control panel.

reservation form can be added to any page, post or widget area, in addition, it is easy to use, and at the same time looks simple and clean. There is also a series of paid add-ons, including custom fields, and integration with MailChimp.

ReDi Restaurant Reservation


Plugin  RedDi Restaurant Reservation also offers the function of on-line reservation and booking management system. Also, there is another remarkable feature: you can view the booking page in real-time on tablets or mobile phone screens mode. There is support for the Russian language.

Despite the fact that the plug-in can be downloaded free of charge, every month you have to pay $ 7.

Working with the services provided and appointments

No matter what services you provide and services, booking management allows you to quickly deliver your services to the client. Sometimes the customer is inconvenient to call you on the phone or waiting for a reply email. And if you provide online booking function, it is very unlikely that a potential customer "goes wrong" with your hook.

BirchPress Scheduler


Plugin BirchPress the Scheduler - the perfect solution for any business related to the provision of services or service. Optimized for responsive the booking form are introduced directly into the page, and records.

The plugin works with multiple locations, staff and services. It also allows you to specify the duration of the service, timing and price. Price premium plugin starts at $ 75.

Booking Ultra Pro Appointments Plugin


Plugin Booking Ultra Pro Appointments offers functionality similar to BirchPress Scheduler, but has a much more user friendly interface. Modern four-stage pattern and a smooth booking process offers users an easy-to-use form.

Other key features plug - is the integration with PayPal and the ability to create a training schedule dates. The premium version starts from $ 39.97 and offers some key additional features, such as integration with Stripe, Google Calendar syntax.

Easy Appointments


Plugin the Easy Appointments - this is another excellent solution for online booking. Frontend forms - a neat and compact, while, as a backend and pleasing to the eye and easy to manage.

The plugin supports multiple locations, services and personnel, allowing you to create separate calendars for all. This is the easiest plugin to provide backup services function.

Reservation of property
No matter whether you own a hotel, hostel or B & B, you will still need a function of the online reservation. For customers who live in a completely different time zone, hour possibility of booking - this is a huge plus.

WP Simple Booking Calendar


Plugin WP Simple Booking Calendar performs many functions. Despite the fact that the plug-in is very simple, you can suggest it to users who are not versed in the technical side extensions.

The free version offers a basic solution for those who need the function of reservation of property, but if you need a lot of calendars, you upgrade to the premium mversii (from $ 29), as it also offers other useful features, including, for example, cooperation with

Booking Calendar


Calendar Viewing Booking - this is one of those plug-ins that have passed the test of time. Since 2009, it allows customers to quickly and easily book accommodation.

Although the plug-in was developed for housing reservation, it can also be adapted for other services. Since the free version is not a set of functions related to the time slots, it makes sense to buy the premium version for $ 99.

Pinpoint Booking System


Despite the fact that Pinpoint Booking System is not the easiest-to-use plug-in, it offers much more detailed interface than a traditional-looking forms of housing reservations. Customers can also modify the calendar from the frontend to display less or more months.

Download All Plugin in one click

Basic equipment is integrated with PayPal and is compatible with WooCommerce . There are also premium add-ons required to work with other payment systems.

At the end of this review it is important to note that these plug-ins are valuable for business, so the most comprehensive functionality of course, it is presented in their full versions. There are also great, but is completely paid plugins type Booked Appointments or Bookly .

Also, you should remember that many of the modern, premium theme theme already have built-in calendar and system of appointment. This applies to medical subjects, cooking and of course real estate, which usually booking system is already present in many cases.

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