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How and by whom the attack on th6 Clash of Clans

How and by whom the attack on th6 Clash of Clans

How and by whom the attack on th6 Clash of Clans

How and by whom the attack on th6? Such a question may ask a lot of players who are on th6. After the introduction of the second defense for the sixth Hall, the balls become much more difficult to attack, and you need to work hard to break the enemy's air for three stars.

In our case we will use the army, consisting of ground units, namely:

16 giants
4 bomber
1 Khilok
And the rest of the place archer.
If the attack for the square, the castle clan take boars and desirable to the fifth level.
2 healing spells.
This composition can destroy any sixth town hall, regardless of bleeding. Of course, the Giants should not be the first level and the remaining troops must also match the level th6.

Consider this tactic th6 attack on the example of one base:

Entices archer troops from the fortress of the enemy clan, leading them away. Once the enemy units are lured away from the range of fortifications, disembark around them again about 30 bows. It must be done quickly, rather than to plant one archer per second.
We produce all the giants in point, the figure is a blue circle. After firing mortars immediately disembark all the bombers at the same point as the giants.
Boars planted in the same place as the previous units. It is important to release the pigs after the Giants because the Giants take on the full brunt of the defense, while wild boars destroy the defense.
We throw a healing spell on advance for hogs. This place is marked with a yellow circle.
Once destroyed first defense, to produce Khilkov giants. And as needed second throw a healing spell on boars.
We stayed bows, which must be planted so that they smoothed out all the remaining buildings. Do not forget the corners, they are often placed builders huts.
After this article questions about how and by whom the attack on th6 should fall away by themselves. And what the composition of attacking you?

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