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Features and benefits of managed forex accounts NDD

Features and benefits of managed forex accounts NDD

Features and benefits of managed forex accounts NDD

The success of the trade in the financial markets half depends on the experience and professionalism of the trader and a half - from the quality of brokerage services. Fundamental factors here are the speed of order execution, minimization of spreads and commissions, operational conclusion and replenishment. In this connection, serious brokers interested in improving manufacturability of commerce.
One of the new high-tech services is opening NDD-bills, causing great interest among traders and is actively gaining popularity.

What NDD (Non Dealing Desk)?

NDD - an abbreviation of Non Dealing Desk ( «trade without brokerage company"). The essence of technology is to display customer applications on the open market and will automatically execute on the side of the liquidity provider. The introduction of this service allows the trader to regulate brokers opportunities to participate in the trading process. Trade with NDD-account is available for all major currency pairs, as well as bank metals.

NDD-account can be opened at the famous MT4 platform, using the system-through transaction processing (STP), in which the trader application goes directly to the broker to partner banks. The impressive list of banks, the better terms of trade execution - at the expense of competition. Best price is determined automatically. Broker fees are charged.

To open a forex account NDD technically sufficient amount of $ 500, but many brokerage companies are trying to establish a higher entry threshold. This is not a trick, and the desire to increase your risk.


Working on the NDD technology exchange earns when trading large volumes and high frequency transactions. Thus, the system is interested in the profitability of customer trading.
Using Forex NDD, as with any new technology, should gradually become the market norm. With NDD-technology can operate managed accounts, which makes them even more attractive.

Features NDD

Excluding part mediator, NDD technology significantly reduces the time of order execution. Now they can be less than a second.
Trading on the NDD-accounts are characterized by frequent narrowing of spreads to almost zero, which can be tracked using the Reporting systems that provide detailed reports on spredooobrazovaniyu.


Benefits of NDD - this including instant replenishment and automatic output returns.
For the implementation of automated trading requires the removal of re-quotes - retry changing prices. In this regard, the processing of transactions in the Market Execution NDD executed at the current market price, without responding to its possible change at the time of order processing. It may at first sight seem not always profitable for traders, since the transaction price may be worse than the price stated in the order. However, compared with the usual trade slower, the probability is low. Moreover, slippage can be realized in the trader's favor. Is provided by the huge liquidity reduces slippage in negligible quantities to almost zero. When market disturbances increases the likelihood of slipping, but it is an integral part of the game on the exchange.

Liquidity for Forex offers more than ten leading world-market makers banks (such as Bank of America, HSBC, Citi, UBS, Barclays, Deutsche Bank). Using competing major sources of liquidity, coupled with automation for secure transactions:

direct access to the interbank market;

decline in market spreads;

preservation of high speed performance, even at high volumes;
anonymous requests that are sent to the liquidity providers;
trade expansion strategies choices.

Where open NDD-forex account?

The number of companies offering open NDD-through, is constantly growing, as is already the tendency greater confidence to such brokers by the traders. In addition to reducing the likelihood of fraud transactions plays a role need to have multiple licenses for the organization of trade for NDD. NDD technology enhances the market as a whole civilization. A good broker is always interested to give you access to new technologies, effective learning tools and opportunities to communicate with other traders.
Cost-effective solution would be the choice of broker, which provides various types of accounts, and the combination of DD and NDD-technologies. One of these brokers is a financial services company MTrading .
The main advantages of trading on the NDD-accounts in MTrading - is:
the minimum floating spreads;
high speed of execution;
no re-quotes.
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