Saturday, October 1, 2016

Digital Marketing: what is it and why

Digital Marketing: what is it and why

Digital Marketing: what is it and why

More recently on the market of marketing services, the notion of digital marketing or digital marketing, if you translate this phrase into Russian. It turns out a new kind of marketing is based on the use of any digital data and devices that they are treated (computers, phones, smart phones and other modern technology). Thus, digital marketing - one of the most modern channels of marketing communications, using the latest technology. However, the new does not always mean an effective and, at times, the choice of instruments, preference is given to traditional marketing means.

It is especially difficult new concept perceived by companies that are used to provide outdoor advertising, distribute leaflets and, in principle, obtained from this kind of result. For them, digital marketing - an abstract innovation and digital-communications - "pig in a poke." But the market is changing, and with it the consumer, so the digital marketing is becoming more urgent.

Consider the options when the digital marketing can be more effective than other communication channels:

1. If you want to increase the level of knowledge about your company / product among the rather limited audience. In this case, contextual advertising works well, and joint projects with portals, popular with your audience.

2. If your product is intended for a young audience and advanced. Using social media, mobile and Internet applications, or "viral" videos, in any case you will get great coverage quite receptive audience.

3. If your goal - to promote the product to the masses, but the TV is not available for you. Such a task can perfectly solve the "viral" content, online-PR and non-standard large-scale online campaign. All of these tools - components of digital marketing.

4. If your product is desirable to draw up a detailed story, the product has a lot of detail or complex technology. Large amount of information about the product easier and more efficient just to give in the form of online videos.

5. If a large impact on the decision to purchase your product have emotional motives. The best way to show the beautiful images, dynamic animations and emotional videos - digital channels.

6. If your product is very important to maintain communication with the consumer. The social media space - the most popular now way to communicate with most of the audience. Such contacts form the loyalty allow large-scale promotions and sampling, as well as easy to understand the behavior and motivations of your target audience.

We have designated the basic situation where digital marketing can be the best marketing decision, the list goes on. But, of course, other marketing tools can not be excluded. The organization of the campaign and the development of programs to promote desirable to use a number of different communication channels and are always evaluate them for compliance with the target audience and marketing objectives.

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