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Monday, October 24, 2016

Cheat codes to "Cossacks 3": all the missions, free camera, a lot of resources

Cheat codes to "Cossacks 3": all the missions, free camera, a lot of resources

Old school strategy in real time "Cossacks 3" lets gamers enter cheat codes through which players can immediately after starting to get access to all missions, a large amount of resources (food, stone, wood, gold, iron, coal) and mode free chamber.

To enter a cheat code, open the dialog box by pressing the key combination Ctrl + Enter.

The list of cheat codes "Cossacks 3":

showallmissions - access to all missions;
of res "resource name" "amount" - get a lot of resources: food (food), stone (stone), wood (wood), gold (gold), iron (iron), coal (coal), or all of the resources (all). Example Cheat code: res food 100000 (adds 10,000 meals) or res all 20000000 (add 20 million total resources);
freecamera - free camera. Change the height of the camera angle, using the key combination Ctrl + PageUp or Ctrl + PageDown. Home button returns the camera to its original value.
To access the main menu, press the F10 key.
To open the panel units using English key P. Choose nation, units and wherever you want them to move. With F9 or Esc button, you can exit this mode. Do not use the movement on the buildings.

To switch between the players turn NumLock and use the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ... for the destruction of buildings or units selected press the Del key.
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