Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ban xmodgames for 2 weeks

Ban xmodgames for 2 weeks

Ban xmodgames for 2 weeks

Not so long ago there was a wave of bans for using xmodgames in clash of clans, and at the moment continues to ban. In Super Cell decided to fight with users mods, bots and other programs that make it easy to play.

Interestingly, at the moment only in banyat clash of clans and beach boom, the clash royale is not affected. For some, this is good news, but for someone sad)))

There are many versions, on what algorithm is calculated cheaters, but certainly no one knows how it makes Super Cell. At the moment, there is one way to avoid the ban for 2 weeks for the use xmodgames. Members of this process has not get banned, but it is not the fact that it works, it is possible to have not just turn came the ban.

Ruth needed law and any program that can get rid of google play app. For these purposes, you can use titanium backup pro or lucky patcher. We put a program, you untying on google play xmodgames and clash of clans. More to paint how to do it, I will not. Those who have difficulties, please use the search engines.

In addition, it is important that the latest version was xmodgames and very fashion for clash of clans.

If you do not use the mod, but a lover of farming with the help of robots, it is worth paying attention to the settings of your bot. Do not leave the configuration that was by default. Boat must be configured so that he behaved in a similar way as much as possible on the person.
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