Monday, October 10, 2016

Again 100 days until the New Year!

Again 100 days until the New Year!

Again 100 days until the New Year!

A wonderful occasion to throw a challenge to myself, to revive this column and change their lives (for the better, of course!).

I am grateful to Facebook   for his magical podskazochku "and see what it was a couple of years ago." Otherwise, I would have simply missed that day.

Of course, any time you can begin to move, to change, to do something, and just like that, just to make a firm decision. However, if there is a reason - like something fun. And the decision is taken by itself.

The reason is definitely inspiring and rather gloomy morning suddenly filled with meaning, energy, enthusiasm.

That's it - today's gloomy morning

Now, 100 days before the New Year!

What can be done in 100 days ? Incredibly many , even if not to move too fast. The idea is to move . It is desirable in a certain direction, so it's time to put the goal of 100 days .

And as soon as things start to do. One small step. One , but today . It is advisable to start doing something new, but abandoned the old - will go too. And thus 100 times.

What can I do for 100 days?

The most important thing - to develop new healthy habits and revive old. Naturally, it is useful to have been and to give it some habits.


Start to write regularly - step number one for today! I will help in this and 750words service that sends all the letters and sends me that there are people who write every day, and that it is time to go back too.

It's time to do yoga again. How well was the project Artem Nesterenko 'World Cup performance. " But the championship is over - ended yoga. As often happens when a habit is not from their own decisions, and external drives.

Recent articles on my sites. Here I would like to ... No, I'm going to (!!!) to write their own, fresh and unique at least once in 10 days. 90 days prior to the NG, 80, 70 ... Oh, NY! (Just kidding - I'll write so 10 times, especially since he's already the first)

1000000 Although the steps - it passed stage, but the habit, and most importantly - fun to go left. to walk a little more, but I will not be considered - carried a pedometer from the smartphone)

Meditation! It's great in every way. You can connect with yoga, or Silva recall or once again to listen courses « Bezgarichnoe Abundance " and "Love and above" Christie Marie Sheldon and Lisa Nichols "Creative Visualization"

Brand new

Immediately comes to mind, "a new project." Then even come up with a particularly do not need anything - I still participate in VLIB (Major League online business). So it remains only to do my first 100 days will be a great support for the implementation of quality operating an online business.

And some project or a new perspective on old projects. For example, 30 drops.

A new approach to email-marketing. Not my idea - Smartresponder something close. Moving, searching for a new service. Sadness, but it is necessary.

New thinking. It's time to look at a more joyful life. Meditation to help!

New dress !!! A new wardrobe. Or we are not girls? That is to capitalize on projects - why not? And if you make good money, then the new gadgets ...


An excellent opportunity to get rid of a certain amount of excess weight. Here and yoga to help. And walk.

All before the New Year is something discarded. It's time to get rid of the junk in the house. 100 days, I probably will be enough for it. Maybe venture to throw something on a daily basis?

Very difficult task is definitely a challenge ! Clean the computer. Second terrabaytnik "it might be useful"? Often zabredesh on any drive, "Oh! I and this rate has not studied ...

" Unnecessary words in my vocabulary. This is not necessarily the mat (or I am not a marketer?) - Simply replace a set of words and then thought - I do not know what comes first.

Well, just some bad habits, from whom also I'd like to get rid of ... Why not now?
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