Monday, October 17, 2016

According to rumors, at BlizzCon 2016 Diablo announce 4

According to rumors, at BlizzCon 2016 Diablo announce 4

According to rumors, at BlizzCon 2016 Diablo announce 4

First of all, we remind you about the rumors of July, when YouTube user under the nickname Rhykker posted a video in which in detail discussed the fans' theory about the announcement of Diablo 4 at BlizzCon 2016. It all began with this gift set from Blizzard in honor of the exhibition.

The set, which is just unboxing and worked previously Rhykker, found a leather pouch with Diablo logo and a set of dice for nastolki Dungeons & Dragons. If you are not familiar with the mechanics of the game, explain that the various blocks used it for a variety of game action: 20 faces, 12, 8, 6 and 4.

For simplicity, the "cubes" are called by the number of facets. For example, D20. Or D4 ​​- D4 and enough for fans to see in this an allusion to the Diablo 4. But this is, of course, not all. The numbers on the dice by Blizzard D4 are arranged so that the game can not be used. He literally neigrabelen.

Standard D4 (a pyramid with four faces including the base) shows the number, which is located at the base. In all three facets closer to the base always contains the same number, the players on either side of the table can define it. On D4 from Blizzard only two digits are correct, and the third is always different.

One Reddit user saw this hidden meaning. In zavivimosti how aborted bone on the sides at the bottom can drop out numbers 411 or 114. Depending on the location of the order of numbers in dates (US or global) data obtained 4.11 or 11.4. In both cases, we get 4 November - the date for BlizzCon 2016.

Not bad, huh? But if in July of this might not be enough, but now PC Gamer reported that the rumors about the potential announcement of Diablo 4 become more convincing. Development Manager - The headquarters of Blizzard California this month, David Brevik and Bill Roper were seen Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 producer, respectively.

And yesterday Brevik also posted on Twitter unequivocal message stating: "The Diablo-like game evolved and surprised us for 20 years. I am proud that I am a consultant on the game, which will bring the genre to new heights. " His words Brevik accompanied the image of the constellation Libra.

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