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A review of FIFA 17

A review of FIFA 17

A review of FIFA 17

Every autumn, EA Sports releases its traditional football game FIFA. It so happened that the rules of the game are quite conservative, so radically update the product does not work. Nevertheless, this year EA has decided to jump over your head: FIFA 17 has moved to a new engine and has got a scene mode. These things were enough to take a fresh look at the world of football.

The main innovation - the adventure of the English kid Alex Hunter, who since the early years of "burning" football. It is in his blood: his father, and the boy's grandfather once led a successful career in the sport, but for various reasons were not able to succeed. The hope for the glorification of his name they see in Alex, so it is prepared for a great future since childhood. However, the technique is at all different: a sort of grandfather indicate wise and kind old man, but in the father visibly seething anger at his failure.

By itself, the story is not some kind of outstanding. As is often the case in this sport, almost all the plot turns are predictable. You look at their performance, compare them with the performance of his teammates. Immediately it becomes clear that you will put in the first team, sent to additional training or general will rent another club that you do not sit your pants hurl.

However, most scenic courses delivered in such a way that inevitably begin to empathize with the characters. Here, all the characters are revealed and clearly traced motives of their behavior. Take Alex's mother: because of her husband's career, she had to give up his favorite job. Now she is struggling to catch up, but she is confident in his own choosing, and to repeat the feat dekabristki again whether her half a second chance. Best friend boy Garrett Williams has always helped in trouble, but only as long as his professional interests did not overlap with those of Hunter. In general, The Journey perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the team dressing rooms: the players and then urged on you, but as soon as you start to show a decent result, mistaken for his. Adds entourage soundtrack time posing dramatic notes.

EA Sports has not become obsessive push cutscenes between each match, in contrast to a similar regime in NBA 2K17. Scene clips we are shown only at a turning point: the first performance in the championship, the translation in the rental status or to sign a contract with the sponsors. In general, The Journey most diverse alternates your entertainment. Training matches are replaced, which, if you do not act in the main part, it is necessary for a pair of tens of minutes as possible to express themselves on the field. There are tasks that need to impress the coach. As a rule, it is a high point for team behavior, scored a goal or successful completion of a match. By performing them, you can secure a place in the first team, and then to gain popularity and get her subsequent sponsorship much easier. However, it is not so easy at an acceptable level of complexity.

Go to Ignite on Frostbyte forced the authors to slightly revise the system behavior of the players on the field. Basically we face the same FIFA 16, but with a modified AI teammates and altered system of protection of the ball in the attack. From start to have problems. On the one hand, computer companions are more appropriate to use the open space. On the other - they do not show initiative in the selection, which is why you lose time due to the fact that do not have time to switch on the player, which in addition to pressure does nothing.

The attack made it easier to protect the ball from the body of the game, but it works both ways. And given how the AI ​​behaves in defense, to defend it became much more difficult. If you missed the FIFA 16 and want to switch to the current version before last season, be prepared to re-learn management team - the difference is palpable. Recycle system standards: the angular stroke is shown sight, and a penalty is now using the stick to run and aiming a little complicated task. As for the visual component Frostbyte doubt is not necessary: ​​football model ceased to be puppet, are poured gallons of sweat and get dirty in every way during the match.

The rest of FIFA 17 has not changed much. All major modes, including the Ultimate Team and career coach, can not boast of significant innovations. Lauded in a previous version of the game Women's teams also go unnoticed and not disclosed in this season. But it does not matter: there are all the favorite card and a separate regime for lovers of drama. What else is needed?

9.0FIFA 17
The reviewed version of the game: Xbox One
Exciting career mode;
Excellent graphics;
Modified animation of players;
Women's national teams is not disclosed;
AI still needs to be improved;
Verdict : FIFA 17 - a great chance to cross from Rooney and Ibrahimovic in the locker room. Well, at least that's the case.

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