Monday, October 31, 2016

9 Commitment to Become a Professional Writer

9 Commitment to Become a Professional Writer

9 Commitment to Become a Professional Writer

When has a dream to be a writer Live it seriously. There are nine commitments that could be key to realizing that dream. The following discussion details.

He said want to be a writer? Still remember the jargon #SeninMenulis: The author wrote while dreamers dreaming of writing. Today, we discuss the legendary phrase of Pram, that writing is a courage. Apparently, being a writer it must also be bold. Why is that, because it seems half the world belongs to people who are brave. Poet Virgil of ancient Romans once said that luck like those who dare. In any case an aspiring writer must have the courage? Let us refer to with 9 Commitment to Become a Professional Writer in #SeninMenulis this week.

(1) Dare to Start Writing

Start writing is the very first step to be a writer. Only the menulislah would be a writer. How many of us who want to be a writer of books like Dewi Lestari, Andrea Hirata, and Tere Liye but really lazy when they told me to write? In fact, traveling a thousand miles begins from the first step. Likewise, a book begins by writing words and sentences first. If we never start writing, when writing we will be? It is like love but only lip service. No action. * singing: Love hanyaaaa in bibirrr sahajaaa hu hu hu. * In fact, it takes ACTION to be able to realize a DREAM. If you wish to be a writer, then you must begin by WRITE. 
"Write it writes it writes it writes it writes it writes it writes it writes." (Gertrude Stein) 
If you are already solidify your dream to be a writer (or at least want to write) then start writing now. The best time to start achieving the dream to be a writer is now also, as soon as possible. 
Q: But I'm not confident, Min? Not ready. 
Answer: Starting first course. Often, the reality is not as heavy as what we expect him really. 
"You will never win if you do not ever start." (Helen Rowland) 
Start first. People say, boldly start supposing we had completed half the job. Goethe once said that there is magic in the action started. With a start, at least we still have a chance to succeed.

(2) Dare Many Reading

"It was horrible if there are authors who do not want to read. Authors who do not want to read better stop being a writer. "(SGA)

Seno Gumira Ajidarma once said that there is no story writer but do not like to read. In fact, practice writing the earliest is a lot of reading. The authors of the world started the world of writing with a lot of reading. JK Rowling, Agatha Christie, Pramoedya A. Toer, Stephen King and other great writers read a lot of books in their youth. Read bukulah which then encourages them to also write a book. Thus, a good book that will inspire readers to write. An average of once great writer is the readers who devoured. Therefore, a writer must always maintain the desire to read it. On this reading, Seno Gumira Ajidarma added: "Book writing techniques there are many, but the best tips is to read the writing."

Basically, wrote that a package with reading. Who wants to be a writer, then he should not be lazy to read. Reading a book is not just to fill our minds with the tube written material, but also to learn about the writing itself. So, if you dare to be a writer, then you should not be afraid to read a lot of books. Mosok wrote not dare to read books? Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot series was moved to write because as a child he read a lot of Sherlock Holmes series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Karl May even be able to write the series Winnetou that legendary was just from reading a book. He himself had never been to America while writing. Outstanding benefits of reading a lot of books for writers, then membacalah because good writers usually is a good reader, too. 
"When we write a lot, so there are a lot of the learning process. So also with a lot of reading, we are actually learning to write. "(SGA)


(3) Brave Looking with which Viewpoint New or Different

A writer is unique, he sees what is not seen by most. A true writer should be able to free himself and his work of stiffness view. The world should not be black and white for them. A good writer, he dared to look at an issue from all sides, also from different angles. When faced with a problem, a writer does not see it in black and white or saklek completely wrong. Does not humanity itself is also not always black - white, good or bad? Most of us are in between these two poles: good and bad. Is not that black-and-white character in a story that also tend to be boring? This is because humans actually are in a gray area. With a different perspective, the author will have a way of writing that is also different, more extensive and comprehensive. 
"With the wide view, a writer would be able to write out the beauty in places that do not have beauty." (SGA) 
So, if you want so cross-eyed writer, you have to dare to have a broad view, not cramped. do not look at only one side. A rainbow only red, yellow, green in the views of ordinary people. However, for the author, the rainbow is a me-ji-ku-hi-bi-ni-u.


(4) Dare Yourself

Being a writer is the courage to walk the path of silence, the road that not many people are willing and able to go through it. Being a writer means we must dare alone in a room kostan sake of completing the writing while others are engrossed hepi-hepi. Sometimes, we also have to get up in the night or in the early morning in order to write, while others preoccupied with warm blankets. Indeed, not only have to write in a quiet place, but the activity of writing is actually the individualistic activity, which 'alone'. When writing, we should be ready for more friends with books and data rather than with people generally. 
The author should be ready by the silence that inevitably accompanies this choice. But, that does not mean to be a writer then became a loner. Activities writes it might be alone, but being a writer does not have to be alone, as jargonnya @kampusfiksi that kece squared it. that writing is different from the first penulis.Yang can be alone (but need a snack), which both need friends (and also a snack) #eh. This effect of fasting time yes until a 'snack' in #SeninMenulis. Anyway, to make friends, the silence that must be experienced writers it would probably be more bearable.


(5) Dare to Discipline

One key to success is the great writers disciplined in writing and finish writing. Discipline is easily said, but difficult in practice. However, the experiences and stories to prove discipline as the key to success. If you are already confirming itself to the routine to write every day, then berdisiplinlah in the run. Kak @yettiaka also stressed the importance of discipline to write if you really want to be a prolific writer. Like writing course still lacking, you must regularly write if you want to be a writer. Writing exercise is best to write a routine scr. Berdisiplinlah to write every day routine. No need for long, just half an hour a day routine of origin was already very good. 
"Only by writing every day, a person can become a writer. If not, he will remain an amateur. "(Gerald Brenan)


(6) Dare Completed

"The ability to complete writing a novel manuscript is one of the most powerful experiences that can be experienced by the author." (Karen Miller)

A good writer always responsible for completing aoa-what he has started. Bad habit of beginning writers is like mem-PHP script. The manuscript is only half written, has been moved to another heart eh another manuscript. The first draft had not yet finished, he had written the second script. There are a few more ideas, he left the second text and wrote the manuscript ketiga.Tanpa realizing it, he had a lot of scripts and story ideas unresolved. He started a lot of writing, but none so sob. 
"Authors who are lazy finishing writing the script will never be a writer." (Karen Miller) 
Indeed, it's often much easier start than finish. Many aspiring authors who have felt this. Karen Miller dlm cool article "The Tyranny of the First Draft" mentioned how dangerous habit of backing this PHP script. Habits mem-PHP script by Miller is just a waste of time and energy, because we are working on something that was never finished. Didengerin tuh deh. This is one of the greatest tests for writers. That started it might seem easy, but it done often so heavy. How to overcome the habit of backing this PHP script? Mimi never discussed in #SeninMenulis, you try ublek-ublek blog Mimi. 
"The only way to be a writer is to finish writing the story, starting from page one to the last page." (Karen Miller) 
Completed the first script is the beginning of the trip, beginning of the story of yours as a writer. Keep writing and writing.

(7) Brave Fight

"So the author of the curse: we see that is not seen by others, we write what others do not dare to write it." (SGA) 
Through his writings, the author against. Through his writings, the author became a hero. Sometimes, the pen mightier than the sword. It does not count the number of resistance, revolution, until the war waged thanks to writing. It's proof that writing was against. Obviously, the author combated through writing is kesewang arbitrariness, oppression, evil, or evil in society. 
"Letters are letters that speak. He as a form of resistance to the oppression. "(SGA)

When the armed struggle failed to give the expected results, the authors fight through writing. Through his writings, RA Kartini bravely against conservative view that women do not need to get an education. Writing in the novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin ', Harriet Beecher Stowe bravely against slavery in the United States. Multatuli dare oppose cruelty Dutch East Indies colonial administration against the indigenous people through his writings, Max Havelaar. That's a good writer, he became a witness of the times and society. When the truth was suppressed, he must be a mouthpiece for the people through writing. 
"The job of a writer is to write the best possible with Gabriel G. Marquez said. That's how he was devoted to his people. "(Anton Kurnia)


(8) Dare Denied

A writer is cool is not afraid of being rejected. In principle, rejected, repaired anymore, sent again. Rejected, correct again, and so on. Always remember that risk and rejection is part of life. No one in this world who have never been denied. Even the prophets and messengers of God just once rejected his message by his own people. Rejection is a test for their propaganda. They were God's chosen prophet and messenger tablets, also experienced rejection. LHA let alone us, who just this detergent granules. Should JK Rowling fear manuscript is rejected, we will never know the Harry Potter series. Had Stephen King fear of rejection, we will never be able to enjoy great works. 
Rejection is a normal thing, a natural thing that was also experienced by the writers of the world. So never fear rejection. Fear of rejection is very unproductive for your personal life and professional life to you, including dlm writing. Understand that rejection is a sign for us to try again, to improve a little more, to try soon. Do not let the fear of rejection is then off to write, get you away from the dream of being penulis.Cobalah, if the manuscript is accepted you will be happy. If denied, you've learned many things throughout the process of writing it. 
"When writing is unacceptable, do not give up. Try continue, if necessary, up to 1,000 times. "(Seno Gumira Ajidarma)


(9) Dare Keren

"Just write, I'll be master of myself." (Pramoedya Ananta Toer) 
By becoming a writer, then the consequences are not you dare cool. The author was one cool, do not lose as celebrities. While others display a profile photo to use monyong-monyong, you simply replace your avatar with the book's cover artwork. More kece right? Then write, the feeling when you see your work mejeng book in the bookstore will be one of the most beautiful moments in your life. So #SeninMenulis for this week, may be useful and even encouraged DIVAmate for daring to write.

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