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7 Myths in the World authorship and Truth

7 Myths in the World authorship and Truth

7 Myths in the World authorship and Truth

In the everyday world, man can never be completely separated from the myths. Actual common assumption is wrong, this is a myth. Well, the world of writing it also can not be separated from the myths tablets. Do not believe? One of the things that made a lot of writers are afraid to write a number of myths in the world of writing. Mistaken assumptions which already widespread in the world of writing and this is what deter the writers of his dream. So, what are 7 myths in the world of writing?

Myth 1. The author has been writing talent gifted since birth.

In some cases, there are great writers who are destined to become a great writer ever since they were born. Those options have come into the world with extraordinary writing talent. They create written works in history. However, the percentage of gifted writer since the birth of this little. More writers are raised than are born. In reality, there are many writers who were raised, educated, and developed to become a great writer; not merely born. The myth that the talented author was born by itself indisputable, because there are a lot of writers who become a writer not because of talent.

"In writing, talent is important, but perseverance is the key." (Jessamyn West)

In fact, some people may have been blessed with the talent to write so that they could write better than the others. It is no different with the fact that some people are good at cooking, gardening smarter, more clever math than others. As well as cooking, gardening, and carpentry; The writing skills of talent but it also can be learned. More precisely, writing is a skill and not just talent. Everyone can learn and become great with it. Good writers are not born, but grew up; namely to be educated, trained, reading, and writing diligently. So, do not worry if you want to be a great writer, but less confident because they feel no talent to write. 
Being a good writer can be learned, developed, and are achieved if you keep practicing, never give up, a lot of reading and writing assiduously. In fact, the great writers become more intense because of practice and perseverance they have, instead of mere talent. In fact, every writer-proficient or novice-can become a better writer of diligent study and practice writing. In fact, a talented writer from birth was not immediately able to write. They also learn reading, writing, and grammar; all the same really. So, take away the feeling of 'I'm not gifted to write' it. We can all be writers cool if we want to learn and practice. 
"Believe in the small voice, which always whispers: 'It'll work and I'll try it." (Diane Mariechild)

Myth 2. The author always waiting for inspiration to be able to write well.

Often we hear and read, the authors should be alone or do things to get inspiration for his writing. Moment 'be inspired' is indeed true. Sometimes, the author would feel the times when the idea of sweeping flooded head. Momen2 ektase when writing feels so smooth, abundant ideas, and feelings can not stop writing 'this is a wanted and awaited by the author. Unfortunately, the moment 'downfall inspiration' is often only appear occasionally, even very rare. This is why many writers who pursue it. Once the moment of inspiration is obtained, then the authors write as fast-fast and as much as possible, sometimes a day of nonstop writing it. Yes, if Bang Ilham was good, coming by bit lamaan. Lah if Bang Ilham hurry to go home what? 
If the writers are just waiting for inspiration, writing would be a long time becomes. Sometimes even that is not so-so as not to bang Ilham pulang2. Even worse if the author does not go start writing because bang inspiration did not come-come; he's not going to start writing. Should each writer just waiting for inspiration before you start writing, then how will not creative world we live in today. A good writer does not merely rely on inspiration / inspiration to write great works. He does not depend on Ilham bang. Good writers write routine, inspiration or well being can not be inspired. Writer writes, not waits. Writer is not a waiter.
Shhh ... secret is that sometimes the best way to lure bang inspiration return is diligently to write itself. Creativity will be even greater when we continue to practice it, not merely waiting or looking for it. Sometimes, diligently and kept writing, inspiration will come quietly without us knowing. From the first bang Ilham likes so, ngejutin! Great writers rather pursue inspiration to continue writing and not with a bang in silence waiting for inspiration that never came. In many ways, the inspiration of it like dating: He prefers to be pursued rather than wait #eaaakkkk. "Writing and start writing, although there's no idea in your head. The idea would be present when you're scratching pen on your paper. "(Abdul Hadi WM)

Myth 3. Write it heavy and hard

Many writers who gave up his dreams in the middle of the road because of the severity of the writing process. Is that right? As difficult things in the world (find a mate among them), writing a book is hard, but not impossible. Something that is sometimes only heavy weight on our minds. When it is done, it is not as heavy as we thought of before. Sometimes, the weight it could also be because of our lack of preparation. For example, heavy work on math test because they have not learned the night before. Weight can also be because you do not use contemporary snack size, so it adds weight! Let us be honest to ourselves: Why write feels heavy for me? 
- Have you read many books? 
- This week already written how many hours? 
- How many times the exercise of writing? 
- It took how a writing contest? 
- Frequently join writing workshops, book, Intersection author and similar acara2? 
- etc. 
Returning again to the first point above, actually writing is a skill as cooking or knitting skills #eaak love. As keterampilan2 others, writing can be made easier through diligence and practice, plus technique and the proper tools. So, if writing is still heavy for you, maybe you just do not know how, less diligent training, or a lot less reading. Plenty of reading. Frequent writing. This is the most basic exercises that writing is no longer heavy. Nothing can beat the perseverance, talent was not. If you want to be a great writer, yes kudu diligently read and write diligently. Sip!

Myth 4. Write it Sepi

Writing it must itself, in a quiet place, nothing is accompanied; Should this? It is true that writing activity was done alone, but by no means the author must be lonely. Yeah right, Min @KampusFiksi? Many great writers who do require time and place 'for themselves' in order to produce great works. The solitude of a writer is like a double-edged sword: on the one hand helped him concentrate, but on the other hand it hurt her loneliness. In his memoir, Haruki Murakami mentions that solitude has protected all at once hurt him from inside. Alone and lonely it may be necessary when writing, but beyond that a writer does not then have to be loners. 
"Writing is different from being a writer. The first one can be alone, which both need a friend. "(@KampusFiksi) 
Author alone does not seem to fit in this internet age. Too beautiful world and friends out there to ignore. Although we were sitting alone in front of the computer to write, the Internet has connected us with the world. We are never really alone. The Internet has made it impossible for a writer to be able to actually being a loner. If the first author must fight the silence and solitude, now he must opponent is the internet: social media, online sale, war comments, read magazine articles online, etc. Look for fellow writers, salinglah share info and stories, as well as a science; Establish friendships, who knows it'll actually get to see a mate as well. Great writer does not have to be a loner and stiff and without a friend; a writer with many friends is a much more warm the soul.

Myth 5. The great writers and professionals do not have difficulties when writing. 

"Writing does not get any Easier with time, it just gets faster." (Veronica Sicoe) Often, as a fledgling writer, we envy of professional writers who seem to be so easier to write. Really great writers that did not experience difficulties when writing? One, just like us, they also feel the weight. For writers who are professionals, writing is not getting easier with time and amount of experience. However, the high flying hours as well as their perseverance in writing has made the process of writing it quicker. Writing is not getting easier, but they can do it more quickly because of the practice, perseverance, experience, and reading. The authors look 'easy' to write because they already know how to avoid mistakes in writing, has been good at choosing words, etc. Just as writers, they also sometimes face difficulties when writing. However, experience and perseverance rescued them. Nice article arises from the observation jelly, in-depth research, and writing technique which is good; and it is not always easy even for seasoned writers. "There are two reasons why we can not be as cool as professional writers that. First, lack of exercise, both less determination. "(Veronica Sicoe)

Myth 6. A good idea should be unique idea, a new, magnificent, outstanding, which had never been initiated before.

If the myth number 6 is true, then perhaps there would be little book or an important discovery in the world. In fact, there are only a few ideas are really new and original in this world. More big idea is a development of the previous idea, or a merger of several pre-existing ideas. So also in the world of writing, we do not need to wait for an idea that is 100% original and outstanding before start writing. If we are just busy waiting for an idea that is really new before mulsi writing, we probably would never have written. "There is nothing really new in this world." (Sherlock Holmes) A good idea not only have a new idea, do not always have to be exceptional and memorable. The idea is simple but useful also. Look again around you, discover ideas that simple. Do not just wait for the great ideas before starting to write. Sometimes, the problem is not a good idea whether or not the writing, but in the good or bad we cultivate those ideas. Remember, not on what we serve, often publishers and readers are also interested in how we present it.

Myth 7. Lots of reading will make you a better writer.

A good writer is made by two sides: a lot of reading and writing assiduously. Lacking one piece will make it did not exist. Many reading probably will make you a better reader, but not necessarily make you a better writer. A great writer is usually a diligent reader, but not always a great reader it is a good writer. To be a writer, you have to write. It's that simple truth. If you just read, you are a reader, not a writer. To become a writer, you have to write. They write. But to be a writer who is good, you have a lot of reading and writing assiduously. Remember always, an author wrote while a dreamer dreaming of writing.

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