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27 myths of personal growth

27 myths of personal growth

27 myths of personal growth

Should we believe the common phrase with the success of training? !

1. Here and now, 

for some reason, after reading Osho, people are convinced that it is necessary to arrive at the moment and think about the past or the future - it is bad. Heck, think of how much you want and what you wish. Just not many days ustraivate nostalgia or fly away in your imagination. This is meant by spiritual practices, not something that you can not think about anything other than what is happening at that moment.

2. Set ambitious goals!

Imagine interviewing for a project manager position. The girl asked, as she wants to make in six months, she answers - "A million dollars for this year." I wonder why a person who has decided to make a million dollars a year, go to the company, where such an opportunity is unlikely to provide the project manager. The girl specify how much it has earned over the past year. "Almost nothing," - she said. But was able to elicit the amount - less than $ 5 000. «And for these 2 months" - "Not too bad." The ambitious goals that you can not fulfill, hurt you much more than their absence!

3. Never give up! 

If you dig a tunnel with a spoon, it is unlikely this will turn out something good. Excess occasionally perseverance really makes a person successful, but it usually only hurts him. Instead of perseverance simply a sober assessment of the facts and change the strategy, even if it does not correspond to the original plan.

4. Believe in your dream! 

Everything goes by repost business quote pad !. What sense to believe in his dream, if you are not doing anything with it? Well, seriously, provided you dream, visualize it in full. Is it near to you at least a meter? Of course not. Believe in your dream, and determined to go to achieve it - are two different things.

5. bring it started to end! 

There are many people who never liked to bring the follow through. If you fall into frustration, continuing to do what they started after cool down - throw. Rape your brain and body even one did not lead to good results. Find someone who will bring the follow through and do throw things halfway and be happy!

6. Read the correct affirmations! 

"I am successful." "The universe is abundant." "I am a money magnet." People who utter such phrases, rarely seen on the street. But training for successful and success secret secrets just full of them. Gosh, you really think that the phrase "I am a money magnet" add to your money? Especially after you open your wallet, and then crunches the last bill the average face value? Where are your magnet, huh?

7. Stop thinking, please! 

Who was separated parties, knows that this phrase began many interesting events, which later wrote in the newspapers. "Refrigerator full of two hundred eggs, thrown from the 12th floor", "At the time of departure of parents teens did a hole in a plasma 50-inch and prolazili race through it." Of course, this example hyperbolized. But if you actions led to what you really want in your life? So maybe it's time to stop and think? Another interesting  bad habits that kill luck

8. You are the ruler of your destiny, life take control! 

There is nothing wrong in the management of their lives. But foolish to deny that many phenomenal results, including scientific discoveries (remember the story of the Day Bike) occurred as a result of normal chance. In the same way as you meet an old friend in the street, not expecting this, in life too there are many things that you can not predict. They do not need to control more than that - you can not control them. All that remains for us - to use these events to the maximum benefit for themselves.

9. In order to be successful, 

you have to work Laziness - engine of progress. Instead of sabotaging your workflow and over and over weeks to delay important matters on the back burner, hire highly skilled professionals and business will go uphill. Simple persistence interesting results does not. Even Bill Gates said, "If I need to charge some serious work or troechniku honors pupil, I always charge it troechniku because he finds a way to get out of it. Excellence also will gouge the problem itself is not surrender. " Conclusion - lazy rule the world!

10. Love your neighbor

If someone in your surroundings complete moron, do not deceive yourself. If you are annoying your boss, it is not necessary for it to love. If you hit the husband, just walk away from it all. Instead of having to put up with those things that we do not like other people, surround yourself with people with whom you are interested and who do not need to suffer.

11. Rejoice that you have probably cynically, 

but before something to enjoy, arrange your life so that there is something to rejoice. And after that you can work hard to get more pleasure from what you have. But, dammit, to pretend that everything is fine at the time, as you are suffering from your life, just not worth it. It's just self-deception.

12. You need to have your hobby is necessary to have a hobby and earn it.

Should not you be such a thing - it is work, and it's my hobby. From morning to night I'm doing the work, on weekends I have a few hours to a hobby. Work and should be your hobby!

13. Expand your comfort zone to popular belief 

that it is necessary to strive to experience yourself in all the terrible situations. After all, as uspehologi say - "The energy is where the fear." Yesterday, near the garbage bins homeless that is not shared. Maybe invite them into the house? Expand your comfort zone - to do the things that keep you from being able to not turn on your goals and not just in a row to look for adventure on his head.

14. Think and Grow Rich Yeah, 

right, sit, think and feel as the pockets are filled with air. From "thinking" no one has become richer. The human brain clings to the loopholes and always wants to use them. The film "The Secret" has stopped working until his release. In order to get rich, you need to just work. I think - it is a privilege wealthy.

15. Do not watch TV Do not watch TV 

- it means not to watch the news in which you are brainwashed. And if you look neyshnl Geographic or Discovery, it's much better than sitting VKontakte, simulating rough work activities.

 16. Stop plowing Uncle,

 open your business reason that 98% of businesses in the first year are closed. Their founders run a business coaches in the hope that those they teach. This is a fashion trend, but in fact it would be much better if instead of the business you have worked for several years in a startup, raised him and then, if it continues to be desirable, have opened your project. Often office plankton escape to do online shopping, and this is indeed very rarely get something sensible. Not everyone should be an entrepreneur. Understand that you like, and all will be well.

17. Urgent find his destiny yes no no "purpose". 

Destination called favorite thing. Why did "find a favorite thing" does not motivate anyone? You want to convey that it is difficult, but in fact this is done in 10 minutes. Doing what you charge, you can today. Do not put it off to the next life.

See also  Mental traps of our mind

 18. Do not eat meat! Chew stones! 

Yes, eat what you want. Want Meat want hay, just follow the sensations in the body. If you are sick of the meat, it should not be there. If you do not feel the difference, do not fool yourself head. All the features of physiology and there is no one type of food that would suit everyone.

19. The ideal spiritual life - a life of a monk monks -

 is the usual cowards who are afraid to engage in their own development in the society and, therefore, taken up in some quiet place, if only they were not touched. Read Gurdjieff, "Experience of the fool" Norbekova, Kundalini, "evolutionary energy in man," "Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" in the end. The monks themselves are well aware that not strong enough to be in society. Only here they are considered the pinnacle of evolution.

20. Write the goal on paper 

because that British scientists have proved. Throw your notebooks in the trash if you do not like to write by hand, and use evernout or just files.

21. Being a sales representative 

of the company better than the wage-worker thus "networkers" call themselves businessmen. What kind of business? You hired to sell someone else's product! Not only has not paid a salary, you only work on a percentage. What kind of business? Business - this is what you are driving! You can change the company's strategy for tomorrow, if you saw a new opportunity? Take it easy! No this is not a business. This is called the Sales Manager.

 22. Down with slavery office, 

acknowledge life traveling Funny that life is a journey not changed. Changing environment. But if you instead of happiness black dog, and you think that the journey will change everything - ha ha. Nothing will change, you change only the situation. In order to be happy, journey you do not need.

23. Leverage your time guided 

by the precept and principles of Gleb Archangel GTD, you kill your creativity. I do not want to work - close the laptop, go for a walk or read a book at home. If it bothered poserfit the Internet all that you're interested. So many great ideas are born for business. Learn to be ineffective in itself a pleasure.

24. Do not sit in social networks 

Yes, you use them as you want. Social networks - this is good and convenient. Sometimes, even with the very business people can be rewritten in the social sphere. Today all sensible businesses have their offices in the social networks - from reputable brands to small firms. If their time on social networks you manage, rather than the social network you use them to their advantage,

it is really an effective tool. Or this:  Sweet couple - Indolence and Bummer. host

25. Invest in your education Education

 - that's fine. But sometimes it is much better to go and buy something, instead of acquiring another infoproduktov or go to the mega-seminar. Just hang out, and then do nothing. For some reason, people think that the very fact that they gave the money for their education, make them successful. It does not make you successful training and action, dammit.

26. Set aside 10% of their income

 not better most of the money to reinvest in your business? If only because there they paid off more quickly than under the pillow or on deposit in the bank. It's not that bad to have some savings for a rainy day, but the regular accumulation of extra money will make you Ebenzera Scrooge rather than Warren Bafetta. There are many quite wealthy people who have no savings at all. They live in courage and create excellent corporation. Read the book "Losing Innocence" by Richard Branson. The story of how they looked different without the money of the island to have fun, under the pretext that they were going to buy one of them, once again proves that no savings are often more fun to live.

27. Educate yourself only practitioners

 Here's a funny question. Come on, you have to learn to person for 10 thousand dollars per hour investment, if he had not invested anything in your life? Correctly! 99% said no. And if this man has helped make 10 million dollars from 10 investors who turned to him? It is important that people practice or not, but how he can teach this.

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