Sunday, September 25, 2016

Simple Top Hair Transformation Hairstyle Tutorial Root Overflow

Ponytail with buckle up pin and coke with tiara are incredible options and believe me: easy to do!

Enough of sameness, right?

Bora try to do a few different outfits to change and use an outfit for each day of the week!

It's all very simple it does not require great skills.

Obviously some suggestions in this post are more elaborate, then maybe the assistance of another person to be accurate.

We first saw the original unique looking coiled braid accented on a style at a Renaissance Faire several years ago and have used it a few times since in a variety of styles. I think this ribbon bun variation is our favorite so far! We have also seen several pictures of hairstyles using the original technique to accent hairstyles on Pinterest and Facebook. Two accounts I have noticed who have used this braid in a variety of hairstyles are "cute and glossy" and "hair braiding" if you are looking for more ideas.
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