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Secure Call 1.02.2484 apk download

 Secure Call 1.02.2484 apk download

Android privacy app last in the list is to maintain the security and privacy of your Android device is a Secure Call . Aja plasticity of his name right? Yep, this application offers features that can maintain the security and privacy when you're on a call.

When you first open the app, you will be given ID Secure Call that will be used to make calls. ID Secure Call is what will be seen in Android interlocutors you instead of your phone number.

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Furthermore, if you want to make phone calls from the main page, simply move the tab wrote to the far right.

On that tab, you can just enter the Secure ID Call the person you want to phone to initiate a call super safe without the risk of eavesdropping and of course, your phone number will not be visible.

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Still need more customization? Please just go to Settings . In this Settings menu, you can share ID Secure Call you and also get a special number course, with little sacrifice.

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Not only that, the phone features native Android renowned brands, you can also be able to block and reject calls , hahaha, to guard against random phone that annoying really was and prone to theft of information. No need to worry anyway because your phone number is hidden behind the ID Secure Call you.

Remember loh, securing Android devices and maintain the privacy of you who are in it are very important tablets and not just use one way just because eventually if you allow your privacy away with it without protection, there may be other parties who use it for bad purposes. Use a combination of ways as just explained above, ranging from the protection of applications, browsing security, data privacy, and files in your device to the security and privacy when making phone calls.


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