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Important Tips Buying Laptop Quality Best Laptop

12 Important Tips Buying Laptop Quality Best Laptop

Here 12 Important Tips Buying Laptop Quality

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Laptop has yet to be replaced in its entirety by mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets . You could say, at this time the laptop has become a very important requirement for some circles. Call it a student or creative workers who must complete its work where and anytime. Especially when chased deadline .

Not only professionals who need a laptop with high performance. Of course we all want to buy a laptop that really can be relied upon to support a variety of tasks and jobs. When buying a new laptop, you certainly expect at least the laptop can last for 3 years , or even more. Now, therefore you should be careful before you buy!

1. Design Laptop

tips on buying a laptop - laptop design

Surely you do not want to miss an innovation is not it? There are currently so many laptop models with very thin design, let alone model 2-in-1 that can be removable keyboard of his. Apart from the design that makes people glance, that should really you notice is the durability, especially the hinges 360 degree .

Highly recommended, before you decide to buy, you must first cobain demo unit. Hold and feel for themselves if the laptop has a solid design or brittle. Whether it can survive if dropped, especially for you who are interested in buying ultrabook or the 2-in-1. You must ensure that the target laptop you really have endurance nice.

2. Comfort Keyboard

tips on buying a quality laptop - comfort keyboard

No doubt, high specification and design of the laptop be the main criteria when choosing a laptop. However, it should be remembered also that you will spend a long time with your laptop. So according to Jaka, things are more important than the form of a laptop is the comfort of the keyboard .

You have to feel alone, whether the keyboard of the laptop feels comfortable in the hand? Because almost all of the activity will be relying on a keyboard , especially for you who dwell writing articles. Things like the distance between keys keyboard , light keyboard , and the button keyboard when pressed, to be really comfortable to use for long periods.

3. Conventional vs. Hybrid

tips on buying a laptop 2-in-1

Conventional laptop indeed assist you in completing a variety of jobs, although it is rather inconvenient to carry around as well as heavy weight. But now no need to worry anymore. The development of the laptop 2-in-1 or hybrid allows you to have a tablet and a notebook in a comfortable size.

So choose a conventional laptop or a hybrid ? Actually this point is contrary to points 1 and 2 of the convenience of using a laptop . But, of course, back again on your needs. If you really need a laptop that is portable and only for light work, perhaps you are suitable to use laptop 2-in-1.

4. Support Additional Security Features

tips on buying a laptop windows hello

Laptop certainly save a lot of important data. Then, secure laptops with just a password is certainly not safe enough. Due to security passwords can be easily uprooted. For you are the highest priority on security matters, of course you really should look for laptops with more powerful security features such as fingerprint sensor or Windows Hello .

Hello Windows is one of the most advanced features in the Windows 10 operating system, which use biometric authentication such as face identification, fingerprints and iris of the eye to replace the password . Hello Windows is certainly more secure because it not only requires software , this laptop also needs the support of hardware specifically, as RealSense 3D cameras and infrared sensors so it will not be uprooted.

5. Know What You Need

tips on buying a laptop seuaikan needs

Tips on buying a quality laptop next is try to ask yourself, "Why do you need to buy a laptop?" Is it just for browsing, email, and edit photos with Photoshop? Or, for the purposes of graphic design, video editing, and even gaming? Certainly different purposes, different specifications are also required. For example, if you are a true gamers, you can glance at a gaming laptop ASUS ROG or Acer Predator .

6. Technical Specifications Right

tips on buying a quality laptop

Once you know what you need, the next step is to choose the right specification. For example, a super fast processor for encoding video, or VGA for gaming. Yes, you have to choose the specifications of the right laptop . Also make sure you get a hard drive with a capacity large enough to hold all your data. While you are in desperate need for speed, make sure the laptop has a solid state drive .

7. Portability

tips on buying a portable laptop

Well, for you who have high mobility and must bring a laptop wherever you go, the size and weight of the laptop must be considered. It is of course that did not trouble while on the trip. However, make sure the design is solid and not fragile , given must be taken everywhere. Meanwhile, for you who rarely carry a laptop everywhere and more use of the laptop in the office or at home, can buy a laptop with a larger screen size, for example 17 inches.

8. Battery Life

tips on buying a smartphone - battery life

About this one, frankly quite disappointing. Yes, most laptops currently available do not offer the battery life is long enough. Only up to a maximum of 6-8 hours . Well, for you who have to work anytime and anywhere, the battery life is clearly a top priority as well.

Well, the battery life is indeed difficult to measure because it is determined by many factors, especially the running application and the type of processor used. To get the best, you can read the review target your laptop. Later, you also have to diligently perform battery care well to maintain the quality and battery life remain durable.

9. Screen Quality

tips on buying a laptop screen

In contrast to the growing smartphone screen quality is amazing. The quality of the display on the laptop relatively disappointing, especially for the low-cost laptop. Well, that must be considered regarding the quality of the display include the type of screen used, screen resolution, and viewing angles of vision screen. Highly visible the difference between the screen on the laptop is expensive when compared to the laptop's screen. Colors should be clear and should monitor has various setting brightness to adjust the display.

10. Performance Improvement

tips on buying a laptop ram -Upgrade

Laptop performance will usually decreases over time. What if you need a laptop would suddenly increased? Well, most laptops will not work well without the upgrade . Usually vendors provide capabilities that enable you can replace the RAM and possibly harddrive . So, find out how the capability upgrade of the laptop and if there is a cancellation guarantee to do the upgrade it.

11. Completeness Connectivity

tips on buying a smartphone connection fittings

Completeness connectivity is equally important. Starting from the USB port is very necessary as most of the other supporting devices such as a mouse , flash drive , modem, memory cards and so forth require port USB to connect to a laptop. So choose a laptop that has a port USB at least 3 pieces. In addition, a port other supporters that there must also be the port HDMI / VGA , LAN port , and WiFi .

12. Warranty and After Sales Service

tips on buying a quality laptop - service center

Match of course also a thing to consider when you want to buy a laptop. Usually the duration of the warranty can be a reference, whether the product has a good quality or not. For example ASUS, they dare to give a guarantee of up to 2 years. However, what if it is not accompanied by a guarantee of service quality of service centers are adequate? You should also find information about the availability of service centers , especially in your city. This will facilitate you, who knows the future, there are obstacles or damage.

That's 12 tips on buying a quality laptop . Again, everything is back on your needs. Do you want to try new innovations such as those in the 2-in-1 or prefer the convenience and durability in conventional laptop. In essence, innovation and high specification, not necessarily serve you well. How do you have additional tips?
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