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Crypt4All Lite AES 1.5.7 apk download

Crypt4All Lite AES 1.5.7 apk download

Crypt4All Lite itself is an Android application for file encryption privacy is very easy to use but offers a level of encryption security is excellent. The encryption process converts the information into a specific code that the information is secure. Well, to read the codes necessary decryption process or can be called as the return process of the secret codes had to be informed.

The benefit like this, eg you is confidential files, and then you do not want others to read, so just continue to add the live encryption password. Later if you want to read again this file, decryption stay aja and enter the password that is only known by your own. Crypt4All Lite applications using this type of description is fairly complicated.

Once downloaded, if it is already on the main page you lived choose to do the encryption or decryption. Here I am doing the encryption beforehand.
Select the first file to be encrypted and then enter the encryption password that will be used for the decryption process and if it is click Encrypt .enter image description here
Later, the encrypted file will have an extension .aes .
Well after the encryption process is complete, try to decrypt this file by searching for files ending in advance .aes encryption result was then enter the password that was used in the encryption process.enter image description here
Next, select Decrypt and you file that had been encrypted is back as usual. Oh yes, one more, you can all share the files you choose by selecting the icon of the share at the top right of the tablets and if you have an application like PDF converter , you can change all the files that you select into PDF. Supposing, once paddled 2-3 islands exceeded.enter image description here


Version 1.5.7
• Chinese translation

May 7, 2016


50,000 - 100,000

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