Monday, September 26, 2016

appLock 2.06 apk download

appLock 2.06 apk download

First there is the best Android privacy app named AppLock . Surely some of you must have been in the know or at least have heard the name of this application. AppLock is an Android application that offers the privacy of the key features of the application to prevent certain people to access the application. For example, when you have sensitive information such as transaction data or rants in fuel and LINE, you can secure the information by locking the application in question, hehe.

When you first enter this Android privacy app, you will be prompted to enter a pattern lock to open the application.enter image description here

Next you need to enter your email security to prevent things that are not desirable in the future. Just calm, email you will stay safe anyway.enter image description here

Furthermore, because the authentication affairs are wrong, you will be directed to the main page of this best Android apps privacy. On the main page, you can see the various features offered by this application.
On the Advanced , you can choose which applications would you lock that can not be accessed at random by others to do the tap on the padlock icon tuh.enter image description here

In addition, you can also make arrangements unlock application on the tab Protect , is still willing to use a pattern or just want to change your own password? Checklist is also the option Touch vibrate when you need a vibrating sensation.
There's more ya, you can also hide your media files from Gallery so that not just anyone can view the photos or videos that you saved. Eg photo selfie or photo classified documents. How? You just have to tap on the Photo Vault for photo files or Video Vault for video files.

nter image description here
Later, you will be redirected to the page Add Vault . On this page, you just tap wrote the icon on the bottom and then select the media files that would be hidden.

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21 October 2014

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