Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wait iOS9.3.3 jailbreak iOS10 tedious iPhone7 complacency

Wait iOS9.3.3 jailbreak iOS10 tedious iPhone7 complacency

July 6 big events: If iOS9.3.3 jailbreak tool will be, then it would probably be the best choice for the second half of the year. Currently, multi rumors tend to believe that Apple will continue iPhone6s iPhone7 design, and iOS10 so far has very little interest, sales of Apple iPhone7 worrying. If you have decided to wait for 2017's flagship iPhone, then, iOS9.3.3 jailbreak process may be waiting only anticipated the waves.

iOS10 beta2 release upgrade can OTA

Apple issued to developers just a second Beta test version iOS10, the first version of the distance WWDC2016 Assembly passed only after three weeks. If you installed the first beta, you can directly OTA update, in addition can also be downloaded directly from the Apple Developer Center. iOS10 public beta will be released in July, released this fall.

iOS10 beta yet, but so far, iOS10 still not particularly eye-catching new features, improvements made by the conference's top ten almost can not cause the user's interest. Now the question is disturbing, domestic Pangu team has just announced iOS9.3.3 / iOS10 beta1 successful jailbreak, jailbreak now iOS10 beta2 whether plugging loopholes? Wait iOS9.3.3 jailbreak, ME!
Mengchuo enter more details >> iOS10 Beta2 release upgrade can OTA

nubia Z11 today started selling 2499 yuan true borderless

nubia Nubia late last month released a new flagship Z11, with a new frame design stunning debut, known as the smallest 5.5 inches phone. 10:00, ending more than a week reservation nubia Z11 will be officially on sale, the platform includes a lower official website, Jingdong, Suning, Lynx and line store experience, including 2,499 yuan (4G + 64G, Standard Edition, gray, silver, gold) and 3499 yuan (6G + 128G, exclusive edition, coffee, gold).

Speaking, no border concept itself is not what this killer concept exists for the current mobile experience, it does not mean that the phone has a border is a great insult, you have to drop slightly, but then, for both eyes red, hand each other every day tear these domestic manufacturers, when borderless concept in marketing, it is absolutely rolling style. And nubia can be considered the first domestic sizzling borderless concept of manufacturers, of course, on nubia Z11 performance, absolutely right music as such a public ID no borders once on her face, Papa Pa!
Mengchuo enter more details >> Nubia Z11 today started selling 2499 yuan true borderless

See also the pig supply chain teammates admitted iPhone7 no change in appearance

From iPhone3G era, Apple will be on the phone every two years drastically altered appearance. However, this year the law will probably be broken. Because the most recent exposure iPhone7 photos, compared with the previous year and iPhone6s iPhone6 ​​last year and has not changed much. Apple's supply chain have confirmed that this year's new iPhone in appearance does not have any major changes.

iOS10 featureless, iPhone7 no change, then sell when Cook iPhone7 he was selling? Do you really think that, with this flagship Apple Logo can pass to kill men and women? Cook must have been battered for the sudden outbreak of the recent sales slump and rose gold gate oxide iPhone6s, right? iPhone6s already the case, iPhone7 have to repeat it? Feel more and wait iOS9.3.3 jailbreak is the right choice.
Mengchuo enter more >> apple admits to "sell" supply chain vendors iPhone7 look nothing changes

Samsung S7 stalls event! Huawei claims to be 80 million lawsuit

Remember, Huawei had previously issued a notice stressed that Samsung infringed their patents related to communications, and requested its worldwide sue to protect their own interests. Now, given Dongnanzaobao reported that Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd. will Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd. to formal infringement regarding the Quanzhou Intermediate People's Court to prosecute, and claims 80 million yuan.

Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge successful counter-attack Apple iPhone6s, refresh two years Samsung's best quarterly sales performance, not enough happy, Huawei a lawsuit filed to break the Samsung dream. In addition to the Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge, the aligned Huawei run up to 16 port models as much money, even so accustomed Samsung machine sea tactics, nor left several "non-infringement" of the models.
Mengchuo enter more >> Samsung Galaxy S7 stalls event is Huawei lawsuit claims 80 million

Apple Watch2 has begun stocking iPhone7 to grab the limelight

IPhone shipments fell by a quarter, but this quarter is estimated will continue to decline. For Apple suppliers, which is naturally want to see. However, Apple's product line, the other one is another kind of scenery. According to Apple's supply chain news, the second generation of Apple Watch has now entered the stage of stocking, assembly manufacturers Quanta's revenue is expected to be substantial growth in the third quarter of this year.

If Apple Watch2 and iPhone7 appeared together, then this fall Apple Conference deserved lead is the second generation of the Apple table, iPhone7 no doubt be reduced to a supporting role. Currently, messages from multiple channels are trying to "confirm" iPhone7 will not follow Apple's usual rhythm Major design changes, but the possible continuation of the iPhone6s appearance. So iPhone7, hard to become the protagonist.
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