Friday, August 12, 2016

The most feelings iOS9.3.3 jailbreak actually plug it!

The most feelings iOS9.3.3 jailbreak actually plug it!

Have you ever thought about running in 1980, when the Macintosh system on your iOS device? Recently, a jailbreak widget called "Miniv Mac" appeared, it does not need to install Xcode, you just download it and add the ROM file, you can run.

iOS9.2-9.3.3 Pangu jailbreak tool released PP iOS9.3.3 jailbreak graphic tutorials
You can use two fingers to right-to-left exhaled menu, where you can insert a virtual floppy drive, or create a new one, you can also rename or delete operations. Slide from left to right you can recall the setup menu, the first option is to adjust the speed of the simulation. As to why that allows you to 2X, 4X or 8X run, because 30 years ago, the speed of the system can be imagined.

Under normal speed, for example, the installation process and other operations is very slow, you can also choose to use the touch screen or touch screen style as the import of the mouse, you can also select the keyboard layout according to preference, the bottom of the screen with two fingers on from Swipe exhaled keyboard.

(Z; r8 e # d0 y6 \ + _8 b: | K!

This plug-in works more like a feeling, as there is no real meaning on your own how to evaluate, and if you are interested in this widget, may wish to BigBoss source for free download.
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