Tuesday, August 16, 2016

SmartClose plug: Turn off background by Activator quick smart

SmartClose plug: Turn off background by Activator quick smart

SmartClose famous widget developer Ryan Petrich another masterpiece, it can be run in the background of the application into a deep sleep, which uses less system resources source , and now this plug-in also supports iOS8.4 and below can only jailbreak system.
After installing this plugin you can find it in the settings of the Settings panel, where you'll find a section of the Activator, a switch and a Clear Switcher EnabledApplication (application open) area.

By default, all applications are opened, Clear Switcher switches are open. When you call up the SmartClose by Activator gesture when the plug will open all the applications into a deep sleep, in the sleep mode application uses memory, but will no longer use the CPU, GPU or network resources.

Because "off" applications still occupy memory, so when you re-open these applications they can be fast start, and will open the page before exiting to the time. This is better than closing the application through the application of the switch and then start faster, because the application does not need to be reloaded.

If you are interested in this widget, you may wish to BigBoss source for free download.

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