Thursday, August 11, 2016

September 7 Apple, Sony, hammer new release distressed old Luo Qi

September 7 Apple, Sony, hammer new release distressed old Luo Qi

Today, Bloomberg is given exclusive reports, Apple is scheduled for September 7 held a new conference, September 16 listed for sale.

The new product should be include the iPhone . 7, the redesigned MacBook Pro, Apple Watch 2 and so on.
  This point in time is almost there will be no change, waiting for Apple's official invitation finally confirmed.

  However, in the September 7 that day, scientific and technological circles seems to be very lively.

  Yesterday, Sony have been identified in at 15:00 on September 7 (Beijing time at 3:00 on September 8) held PlayStation Meeting event in New York, it is expected to debut the new host PS4 Neo, because in the US, the two will time overlap in time is likely to occur.

  There is a long-rumored "old Luo comic Assembly" Smartisan T3 conference, previously broke the news at 19:00 on September 7th.

  It seems to anticipate this, Sina United States for reporters @ Zheng Jun reviews -

  For technology companies, the conference and Apple really crash. . . And in most cases, it is a good date have been identified after the encounter forced to cut apple.

  Because all cell phone , apparently hammer "lay the gun" is more serious, so users have a comment @ Overheating, expressed distressed.

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