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Samsung S Pen Samsung Note7 past lives has been inseparable

Samsung S Pen Samsung Note7 past lives has been inseparable

Samsung's new flagship Galaxy Note 7 not only in the configuration is the market's most powerful smart phone , as well as a bunch of refreshing accessories, including once again being constantly improved S Pen stylus.
S Pen has been the advent of the current five years, and the stylus can be said in terms of Samsung in the market and no real competitors. Of course, while LG 's G Stylus series models are also equipped with a stylus, but only used it on-screen instructions, and so can not provide multi-point pressure as the S Pen detection and interact with the system and software.

Today, we wish to look at S Pen's evolution, from the first generation Galaxy Note start to the latest Galaxy Note 7, changes in S Pen is also very obvious.

Galaxy Note

We first saw the S Pen in the summer of 2011, but Samsung 5.3-inch Galaxy Note for the first time so many people actually there to see such a large screen smartphone. Therefore, when the Galaxy Note tablet can be said to open the mobile phone market hero, and many people attention on a piece of the "big screen" on.

Compared with the current, first-generation S Pen looks pretty primitive, it can detect 256 pressure sensitivity, the device can only be used for navigation, operation, screenshots , graffiti and the like.

Samsung on the first-generation Galaxy Note S Pen is equipped with software functions are relatively weak and not fully S Pen effect. At that time, the Android 2.3 system, how it did not seem to help.

The first generation of S Memo application only a very limited number of brush shapes and handwriting.

Image editing features only provides basic editing options, though it was with the S Pen point to point on the screen to go very fresh, but basically not much practical.

Galaxy Note 2

Although the S Pen appeared on the Galaxy Note, but really impressed us from the beginning, or Galaxy Note 2. This time, Samsung redesigned S Pen, longer, thinner, more ergonomically designed. Meanwhile, Note S 2 of the 1024 Pen support pressure sensitivity, which can feel different degrees of pressure, and a new generation of S Pen pressure sensitivity level is four times the previous generation of products.

However, despite the improved S Pen Samsung design, but adding support for more software in the Android 4.1 system, is full play to the S Pen features important condition. In the Galaxy Note 2, Samsung preloaded with more templates, formulas and handwriting support, and improved handwriting.

Dui S Pen and Note 2 biggest support is Air View feature added. This feature allows users to use the S Pen point on the screen what you can quick start, check your email, or you can preview multimedia content. Also you can set different application implements more operations.

The Note 2 Another great new feature is the addition of Easy Clip feature. Users can use S Pen quickly marked on the screen to get the screen, and then processed directly as e-mail attachments, notes or graphics software. Note 2 can be said that the characteristics of the S Pen to explore a more in place, far more than the first-generation Galaxy Note.

Also Note 2 in S Pen hardware design as well as a sort of improvement, and that is on the phone can be quickly pop up the S Pen note.

Galaxy Note 3
In Note 2 on the success of Samsung went on in Note 3 to S Pen improvements, this time was completely redesigned S Pen, it looks more like a pen, and uses an asymmetric design. Note 3 while using the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean system, the software also adds many new features.

Galaxy Note Action Memo 3 further improvements can be written simultaneously in the case of running other App, to achieve a certain degree of multi-tasking. While some of the information memorandum can be automatically filled into the address book.

The Easy Clip also been optimized to further enhance the editing functions. Users can cut content directly from your browser, including links and text labels.

In the Galaxy Note 3 in Another newly added feature called S Finder. This feature can automatically identify the user's handwritten notes, and then converted into a text document, for the convenience of users to more easily organize your notes more convenient.

Finally, the Galaxy Note 3, Pen Window function allows users to arrange two windows side by side on the screen, and can also cover each other. But at the time this compatibility feature is very limited, only a few App support this feature.

Galaxy Note 4

In Galaxy Note 4 of the body, S Pen is more targeted to improve, but not much change. In addition to the introduction of Air Commands features, Samsung also improves the accuracy of using the S Pen.

In fact, each generation of Galaxy Note S Pen smart phones are constantly improved, and improvements in Note 4 is the most obvious. This time the S Pen has 2048 pressure sensitive detection than the Galaxy Note 3 also doubling.

Systems, Galaxy Note 4 equipped with the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, and in the TouchWiz interface Samsung introduced a Smart Select function. S Pen can detect more data and more complex operations depending on the context. For example, when a user to select an address using the S Pen on the screen, Smart Select feature will automatically be sent to this address in Google Maps and then display a specific location on the map.

In addition, Galaxy Note 4 also joined the Samsung's own Pen Up function can be used to share directly with the S Pen creative and interesting work.

Galaxy Note 5

In the body 5 Galaxy Note Samsung to continue to improve the S Pen. This time the S Pen is longer, thinner and smoother. But still there are a few notable problems.

First, S Pen pop-up mechanism is not sensitive. In addition, due to defects in design, if the user accidentally S Pen back into the recess, it will cause damage to the internal mechanism. At that time, this design flaw caused no small controversy, Samsung also timely in the later models of the defects were repaired.

On the software side, Galaxy Note 5 is equipped with Android 5.1 Lollipop system, the TouchWiz interface continue to bring a lot of new features. Including PDF mark, scroll the screen shots and UI can be used on any of Air Commands function.

Galaxy Note 7

Now comes the latest Galaxy Note 7, this time Samsung continues to S Pen made drastic improvements, although there is no detailed testing of the S Pen, but the Samsung official has been on the new features were introduced S Pen.

Galaxy Note 7 of the S Pen nib radius of only 0.7 mm (Note 5 tip radius of 1.6 mm), and is closer to the traditional pen writing feel. Meanwhile, in the sense of pressure levels continue to improve, and now Galaxy Note S Pen 7 can be identified over 4096 different pressures up. At the same time with the Galaxy Note 7, the new S Pen also has waterproof characteristics, so future users can even use the S Pen underwater.

Software, the new S Pen joined the Air Commands and Glance zoom function, and you can create animation effects. Users can use the S Pen anywhere on the screen start tag it real process will be automatically converted to Gif animation.

Finally, Galaxy Note S Pen 7 also increases the fast translation function, the user can select the article on the rapid translation screen.

to sum up

Have to admit, from the first generation S Pen to now, we are familiar with this stylus has undergone enormous changes.

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