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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Russian Affiliate Congress 2016

Russian Affiliate Congress 2016

 In today's endless stream of information and waking competition to achieve their goals, not fast enough to walk, run - you need to race! RACE speeds: movement, meeting with clients and partners to monetize the business.
Change the rhythm of the work week, month, year on bends Russian Affiliate Congress in 2016 .
October 7 at 15:30 in Moscow will hear "the roar of engines" - experts , affiliate marketing leaders who are ready to lead the show and help bypass slippery moments, discover new tracks and monetization business success ...

RACE 2016 - is a constant quality traffic useful insider information, algorithms for solving problems of affiliate marketing and presentation of the best of cases:

Qualitative innovation in affiliate marketing market.
Effective tools affiliative marketing.
Lead generation, new routes and maps, the best practices.
Forex and Binary Options.
Mechanics and machine: the automation of marketing.
Trends in the industry of affiliate programs, online promotion and marketing.
"Quality Circles" traffic, and more.
Fifth Congress affiliative marketing will be held in a new format:

The lively, dynamic and tearing Demozone templates.
Stream Two professional conferences:
the first web developers will meet in the second - advertisers.

Speakers affecting their knowledge, vast experience, the ability to communicate information and a sense of humor.
RACE Awards, clearly forms the rating successful players in the sphere of affiliate programs.
PARTY-RACE - «drive» the Friday party professionals and beginners of our business community can be on any transport, be it videos, bike or Segway.
The main thing - it's drive and willingness to move, without reducing the pace.

Only here:

The format changed to a complete and system integration of thoughts, ideas, knowledge RACE-ditch *.
Participants with whom a pleasure to meet every year, as well as those who want to establish long-term partnerships.
CONFERENCE TOPICS Congress - is fresh, and the information is ready for implementation and successful use.
The organizer - the company, not absorbed in promoting their affiliate marketing programs and service, and a specialist in the development of innovative sectors of society and business. To view the project in a reply Smile-Expo .
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