Sunday, August 14, 2016

Prison Break Season Michael will soon return to see how the dead

Prison Break Season Michael will soon return to see how the dead

80 90 In many minds, " Prison Break " is a classic beauty to lead them into the drama as the door. Recently, the "Prison Break" Chupin FOX announced the official "resurrection" Prison Break Season and the 2016 Summer aired!
"Prison Break" is about a story of salvation, Michael was framed in order to save his imprisoned brother Lincoln, plan escape and managed to escape, fleeing career in jail again, and finally in order to gather evidence for acquittal process.

According to FOX main Xi Danna - Walden confirmed, starring Wentworth - Miller, Dominic - Purcell will work together to return.

According to Dana - Walden description of "Prison Break" Season of the story occurs in the "Prison Break" in the fourth quarter after a few years, we will continue to tell the story of several characters.

Miller, played by actor Michael - Schofield died in the last quarter, and this also means the return of Michael Miller will play in the resurrection, many "rice flour" means before the tears shed in vain.

"Prison Break" Season approaching, if you can not wait for it? Sohu video provider "Prison Break" Season 1-4 Full HD look back, while fifth season has not been staged, let's revisit the classic bar!

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