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PP assistant one week plugin Review: 8.4 / 9 iOS9.3.2 highly anticipated jailbreak jailbreak widget

PP assistant one week plugin Review: 8.4 / 9 iOS9.3.2 highly anticipated jailbreak jailbreak widget

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iOS9.3.2 jailbreak and escape iOS9.3.3 beta1 in the past week uneasy restlessness, even though we know the Italian news release jailbreak jailbreak Great God Luca Todesco probably very likely will not release jailbreak tool, but at least prove that the two versions the system also hope to escape this, whether it is jailbreak widget developers or users are very happy to see. Last week, PP assistant total of 15 updates plug-ins, most of which are iPhone enhancement plug-in, let us into the details of this week's review the plug-PP assistant one week.

iOS8.4 / 9 jailbreak keyboard / IME enhancement plug-in list

SwipeSelection in Cydia is a very popular keyboard enhancement plug-in, it highlights that can be implemented in the input method keyboard to move to modify the text box cursor function, which is simply the Gospel for users with large hands (did not think he had been in select the text you want the content), this plug-in as well as "advanced" (surcharge) version SwipeSelection Pro, it is more than the standard version adds new features and functionality, including application to disable within the sliding sensitivity of the cursor speed. Both versions are currently supported iOS9 jailbreak, like, the user can go to Cydia download.

iOS9 jailbreak keyboard enhancement plug: SwipeSelection
iOS9 jailbreak widget SwipeSelection Pro: keyboard cursor can be moved

The same keyboard / input method enhancement plug, SwipeExpander SwipeSelection features but with a big difference, and its main function is to add more options for the keyboard, the default input selection symbol on the slide, the next slide to enter the corresponding uppercase letters, the strongest Great is that you can customize! you can also increase your native keyboard, increasing the gestures, keyboard shortcuts, change the keyboard transparency, custom button locations, etc., it is highly recommended.

iOS9 jailbreak input enhancement plug: SwipeExpander

iOS9 information enhancement plug: Speak Notification + Kairos

Although SMS / iMessage function in recent years by the impact of social applications is very large, but for business people, but the information still has a very important role. Last week 2 information enhancement plug-in shelves Cydia, which are read each widget Speak Notification and information regularly sent information plug Kairos.

Speak Notification is a powerful push to read custom plug-ins. Core function is to push information reading prompts to support all applications push information, reading language support 36 languages ​​including Chinese. Speak Notification powerful is that around the reading of a series of user-friendly features, such as custom application can read the list aloud condition Custom (under Bluetooth headset, the custom at the time, etc.), reading custom content (such as read only the title, just read content, etc.) and the like.

Kairos is a can make your information (or iMessage) periodically sends out a plug, which is a big practical function often across time zones for exchange of business people.

I do not want to see the information? You can make this iOS9 jailbreak widget to help you read out
iOS9 jailbreak widget Kairos: can regularly send SMS / iMessage

Enhanced plug-in to play the iPhone is not the same characteristics

foriPhone jailbreak then you can make the device even more distinctive through plug-ins, new shelves this week, iPhone interface enhancements include plug-load acceleration plug-Speed ​​Intensifier, the status bar displays weather widget StatusWeather and the status bar displays the volume control widget StatusVol X and the like.

Speed ​​Intensifier can enhance the iPhone UI overall loading speed, such as to open or close App 1 second interval switching, installation Speed ​​Intensifier will instantly open or close the App, the effect is very obvious. Further plug-in also provides the UI loading speed, the user can debug. Speed ​​Intensifier has supported iOS9 escape.

StatusWeather and StatusVol X belong to the same status bar displays enhanced plugin capabilities are weather display and volume control on the status bar, like landscaping user must not miss these two interesting features enhanced plug-ins. StatusVol X currently only supports iOS8.4 jailbreak and below the system, StatusWeather already support iOS9 escape.

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