Thursday, August 11, 2016

Note2 millet to play double-curved screen Samsung provocation Note7?

Note2 millet to play double-curved screen Samsung provocation Note7?

Recent news came suddenly overwhelming display millet will release hit the big screen market Note2 millet in August 16. And today, there are microblogging friends in the online exposure millet Note2 front panel. In this photo we can see that the front will be equipped with millet Note2 hyperboloid screen.
The exposure of the front panel is a black color Note2 millet, we can see the front panel, millet Note2 body lines of the design is quite tough, the phone four weeks chamfer radian is not great. Curved screen on both sides of the screen, you should have a better visual perception.

The bottom of the front panel, there is one key fingerprint, from the point of view photographs, While fingerprint identification key area ratio of 5 Millet key area is slightly larger, and has just released Pro key area is quite red rice. In the upper left top of the fuselage, the familiar logo millet return again. As for the handset and the front lens, the red rice Pro with similar position by comparison on.

In addition, from the top of the front panel you can vaguely see a lot of holes, so you can guess, millet Note2 may have some similar Note7, equipped with iris unlock sensor.

In other hardware configuration, there is news that may Note2 millet with Qualcomm Xiaolong 821 processor with 4 / 6GB memory, the screen is divided into 2K resolution version with low resolution version and the version of the 1080p high with.

Samsung last week has just released the same screen size of 5.7 inches Note7, and with powerful hardware configuration and excellent industrial design won the praise of the media. This time also equipped with 5.7 inches screen millet Note 2 on the hardware parameters Biao Samsung Note7, it is also used in the design of the screen surface. As for the specifics of how to market feedback, we have to look at it until after the phone release.
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