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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Not how to jailbreak icon on the main screen can be placed at random?

Not how to jailbreak icon on the main screen can be placed at random?

  Have you ever thought iPhone icon in the main screen can be placed anywhere, and the formation of some interesting patterns, these patterns may need to be put in the application of established between the empty position. To achieve this goal we tend to think of escape , but also a way to let the latest baked icon on the main screen placed at random.
  Technically, this approach does not increase the blank position, in fact, just some of the hidden icons in the proper position. To achieve this goal, we need to use online tool called "iEmpty", the following are the specific steps:
  1. Let icon to enter shake mode, and then swipe left until you get a blank screen main page
  2. Screenshot
  3. Access in Safari iPhone on
  4. Click "Customize", then click "CUSTOM Mode"
  5. Click "Add", then click on the "Choose File" button
  6. Click "Photo Library", and then select the main screen just goes blank page screenshot
  7. Click "Upload Photo" to upload screenshots
  8. You can then choose to create invisible icon position, for example, if you want to be invisible icon in the upper left corner of the main screen, then choose "1 x 1", if the lower-right corner, then choose "6 x 4. "
  9. Select the location, you can create a custom icon, and select the Share button, select "Add to Home Screen" (added to the main screen)
  10. Without any changes, just click "Add"
  11. Repeat the above steps until you need stealth icons are ready

  12. Now return to the main screen and move these new stealth icon, think of a good idea, the original icon bar placed at random.
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