Thursday, August 11, 2016

Millet box toy version of the VR experience: capacity compared to a little

Millet box toy version of the VR experience: capacity compared to a little

Millet just last week released a version of the VR toy box, Xiao Bian today borrowed a play. The price of 49 yuan, 1 yuan 8 hours beta predetermined amount of over one million products in the end it really fun, following on from the Xiaobian to tell you.

Hardware: is a cloth version of the Cardboard

Although this box millet VR play a lot of new tricks, zipper design, Lycra cotton material, there are a variety of patterns, such as fancy, but it actually is a cloth version of Cardboard, paperboard and plastic version or not differ materially.

Fortunately, some manufacturers put a lot of resources and sources to package a Cardboard different, millet very directly that this is a toy, nor is it open conference.

This product is also designed for Cardboard great respect, first of all it does not get a great viewing angle, the official said FOV of not less than 93 degrees, compared Gear VR is 96 degrees (101 degrees latest version); Other products just out is not equipped with straps, in line with the mobile positioning VR light experience; the operation is also the same as in the second generation and Cardboard upper right corner of a button.

As for experience, given the need to come up with frequent phone to operate, zipper design personally feel no easy snap; comfortable than Cardboard fabric material, but no cotton pad ring comfortable; cooling it, and other Cardboard, the mobile phone will be the heat or heat.

Experience: I'll faint? of course

For VR experience, most users concerned about the fact that will not faint, but for this product, small series can be very clearly tell you: will faint. Cardboard will you play Halo, it is the same.

In fact, millet did not avoid it, but it clearly tells the user attention vertigo. On the product description wrote this prompt:

Health Alert: Experience virtual reality may have feelings similar to motion sickness (motion sickness pills to eat invalid), please use appropriate, depending on physical condition.

In addition, millet VR app (Download) in the VR switch to the split screen mode, there will be such a reminder below.

In order to reduce the experience dizziness, millet to remind the user "to avoid rapid rotation of the head to relieve vertigo; please use the appropriate personal physical condition; children under 13 do not use." Practical experience, quickly turned around and does bring a sense of vertigo (Xiaobian plug phone millet 4). Xiaobian that each product should be added to a Cardboard similar reminder.

Millet in VR app provides a VR interface, see above; there is a cinema mode, see below for VR mode interface with a large screen viewing and non-panoramic video. The actual experience, it does have the feeling of a large theater screen mode, but because the resolution is not high, the picture is not feeling fine.

Content: 3 minutes video 1GB despise

Millet VR product itself is not the most important thing in that box, but VR app and above aggregated content.

Content words, and millet primarily provide panoramic video applications , on the main video, which is also consistent with the positioning Cardboard - The View is like, basically difficult to play VR games. Currently video and applications are still small, but because after millet screening, there are still some quality checks.

Providing VR video download within the app, or you can play directly online, only small series found that some better quality video length is only about 3 minutes, size is more than 1GB, and this one almost the size of an ordinary film, and the film is 2 hours. Only 16GB of storage space for the average mobile phone, it is estimated that fit one hour VR videos. Want more equipment to prepare the contents of a user or a memory card big point of it.

to sum up

This product is really just a toy, used to look up to VR movie, turning his head can not be too fast. If you want a slightly better VR experience, or put down 49 yuan to spend online store experience it; for white, if just want a fresh taste is also OK, anyway, as long as 49.

You can take another look at the contents of the box millet VR can also take another look at the box millet VR VR content. This product is probably the most important brands and channels reflects the strength of millet, so that VR can reach a wider population.
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