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King vest: Blue E Charm configured missed his true features

King vest: Blue E Charm configured missed his true features

Meizu after MX6 come out, and rushed Meizu Blue Charm updated product line, but is backing the launch of a new series of models more violent - Charm Blue E.
Two years ago, at the cusp of Meizu and Ali decided to choose marriage, after the release of the first equipped with the system Yunos Meizu MX4. The next two years, more massive shipments Blue Charm series gradually took over the task of carrying Yunos system.

It can be said in the Meizu selection system has been tried is the open road. Meizu phone has equipped with the CE, including the Win, the Android diverse operating systems, Yunos even including Ubuntu. Meizu coexistence of multiple systems to help get rid of Google's control, but also won them the opportunities for cooperation with Ali, and Ali Meizu to rely on their own to bring more service entrance.

This time, the Blue Charm Meizu did not choose to be a routine upgrade , but directly take a new name Blue charm E, the answer is obvious, the Blue Charm Meizu want to improve the bargaining power of the mobile phone. Blue E Charm little cheap feeling plastic material, integral metal body dramatically improves the texture of the entire phone. According to Meizu said, charm blue E for young users and students, the final price of 1299 yuan 1500 yuan considered to make up the gear blank.

One-piece metal body, five colors

Blue E Charm biggest change is that the back of the design process, although there are some blue charm before a so-called metal phone, such as the Blue Charm Metal and other representatives of models, but because of the cost, this material is more like a shell on the rear plastic plated a layer of metallic paint.

Blue E Charm metal materials obviously a lot of kind, uses a one-piece aluminum alloy material, while injection molding using a nano-antenna and CNC machining process, increasing the body's strength and texture.

Fuselage equipped with a 5.5 inches 1080P resolution IPS screen, PPI is 403, Blue E Charm at the system level increases similar to iOS yellow eye screen mode 9, but also support and enable the timing of eye strength selection. In addition there is a detail at the press conference Meizu Blue Charm E uses a 2.5D curved glass, and the thickness of the piece of glass is just 0.8 mm thick, feel good when sliding screen.

The bottom of the screen is still the familiar egg mTouch buttons, fingerprint recognition speed and accuracy are ideal, and now not only supports daily unlocked, but also for micro-channel , Alipay fingerprint payments.

Other details of the design, charm or the continuation of the Blue E Charm Blue family design style, SIM card slot supports dual Nano-SIM card access (slot 2 is Nano + TF card mixed interpolation), power source key and volume keys unified release on the right side of the fuselage, the bottom is the headphone jack and data line interface. Unfortunately, however, the charm blue E did not choose to use USB Type-C interface but follows the Micro-USB.


From the process level, Blue E Charm does than before lifting a big step, it is regarded as a downright all-metal cell phone. But then again, charm and it is not a blue E to keep your eye models, after all, old-fashioned three-nano-injection back design it is easy to recall four years ago, the HTC One.

Helio P10 locate the entry-level

Appearance of the process is the charm blue E's strengths, but be worthy of the hardware configuration of the soft underbelly. The Blue Charm E Select is equipped with 64 eight-core 28nm process Helio P10 processor, combined with 3GB LPDDR3 memory and 32GB of storage space. While the processor architecture is big.LITTLE Cortex-A53, the highest frequency 1.8GHz, GPU for the Mali-T860 MP2.

Ann Bunny performance test link, charm blue E final score of 46949 points, higher than the previous release of Charm Blue Note 3 launched last year but lower than the MX5. Game tests, Helio P10 can basically run smoothly mainstream large stand-alone game "Asphalt 8", but in drift racing collision complex scenes dropped frames.

Chose such a chip, Meizu also out of consideration for the balance of power, the other is While this chip can support the entire network 4G +, the applicable frequency 6 Frequency mold 18, 3 consistent with charm Blue Note. However, the overall hardware specifications comparison with the level of competitors such as Helio X20 Pro using red rice / X25, charm blue E still can not escape the fate of half a body behind, but fortunately the price is cheaper.

Blue E Charm built 3100mAh capacity battery, support 9V / 2A power fast charge. From 0% to 100% of our measured full charge takes one and a half hours. The actual life test session, charm blue E after one hour continuous operation consumes 29% of the big game, this time the body camera around there will be significant warming. If only the Internet, micro-channel thin brush, and occasionally shoot camera , then charm blue E is able to adhere to one day at a charge of.

Yunos version Flyme 5 supports remote control car

In accordance with the idea of ??Meizu, released this year, three models are based on Android uses a custom Flyme system, but this time, this will Meizu charm Blue E again "Dedications" Ali.

Charm Blue E is equipped with the depth of customization based Yunos 5.1 Flyme 5 system, many people may have doubts Yunos version of the Meizu phone how different? In fact when Yang Yan previous interview, representing both only slightly different from the underlying custom, but are based on Flyme to develop, so the effect of the interface and operating experience absolutely no difference.

Of course, since it is Yunos system, we have also seen some of Ali system in this Blue E Charm mobile phone applications . For example, search for information class applications "Ali moment", compared to the original formula of the polymerization less mature CloudCard, now Ali at the moment the application is more of a style similar to the news client the APP , you can not only add common site subscription messages can also add a variety of additional value-added services.


Meizu conference vice president of Science and Technology Li Nan also referred to more features on the Blue E Charm system level, it expressed through the phone can control the Internet car Roewe RX5, let charm blue E becomes "a car key." By phone, the authorized owner can open the trunk of the car, the air conditioner remote start turn navigation services. But now we have yet to see this engineering machine corresponding vehicle management applications.

In short, the charm blue E should be regarded as part of the ecological Connect to Meizu it, but at this stage support Yunos for Car models only charm of a blue E, as to whether there are more models coming to join is still unknown. Further, from this perspective, it seems to be a charm for the blue E Yunos for Car create the "accessories."

With 1300W lens, focusing speed drag

Compared to the previous one released Meizu MX6 first time IMX386 sensor, charm blue E still continue to use Sony IMX258 rear camera sensor with 1300W pixels and supports PDAF phase focus, with F / 2.2 aperture, while using 5 lens group Wen Buguang light and color. As for the front-facing camera is 500W pixels, support Beauty Shot.

We look at the proofs Blue E Charm shooting real shot by several groups.



twenty one

twenty two

twenty three

twenty four







Outdoor links, charm blue E lenses generally accurate color reproduction, proofs itself has a certain sense of depth and sharpness of detail, but the presence of part of the sky a little overexposed. Indoor white balance basically accurate, Macro could see obvious bokeh, but the imaginary part of the sense of the presence of smear. Night proofs with a good anti-glare capability, the actual more noise, and the overall amount of light into a serious lack. As part of the shooting experience, although charm blue E support phase focusing, but focusing speed to be improved.

Blue Charm forward to high-end series

"Blue Charm do high-end machine," if one sentence summary of why the Blue Charm Release E, this should be the answer Meizu want to convey. Meizu current product line is divided into two tranches, thousand dollars below the Blue Charm series, 2K gear MX series and 2K + stalls PRO series, and blank 1000-2000 yuan between, obviously need to charm blue E as well as follow-up product to fill. On the other hand, as a Yunos Ali customized version of the model, charm blue E also shoulder the task of creating and building entrance Yunos for Car ecosystems Ali.

Today, the mobile phone market has completely entered the era of replacement stock, including the thousand Yuan machine, including user to select a new thousand Yuan machine actually have higher needs, such as more emphasis on design, focusing on the hardware configuration of the system and even to experience, etc. . 1299 E Blue Charm seems to be prepared for this part of the replacement cost-effective mobile user.

Charm Blue Charm Blue Series E is a revolution. Gene abandon plastic material, thin feel lost once, but it ushered in a new integrated metal craft. But tell the truth, and now we seem to find a cell phone charm blue tonality, all Meizu phones are too much like, without any distinction.

Blue charm E obvious changes, but it still can not escape popularity design, like the previously released PRO 6 and MX6 same level of innovation and differentiation in industrial design, Meizu have not found the perfect solution. But good news is that each of these handsets Blue Charm will bring some surprises, charm blue E win in the excellent technology work, perhaps under a blue charm more worth the wait.
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