Monday, August 15, 2016

Jailbreak vocal on the god Twitter: Cydia in iOS10 system did not collapse

Jailbreak vocal on the god Twitter: Cydia in iOS10 system did not collapse

Apple has just released the first developer beta iOS 10 now jailbreak the news came out. Famous jailbreak developer iH8sn0w expressed today on Twitter, Cydia crashes did not happen in iOS 10 system, it means that at least there is no need to update Cydia. This also implies that while, iOS 10 at this stage can still escape, although we do not know iH8sn0w will release the jailbreak tool.

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Not long ago, a team from Greece jailbreak GSMagic Team has announced that they will release a new jailbreak tool, but in the end, the team chose to give up. The latest jailbreak tool Pangu still teams from China, but the team did not disclose the next conference jailbreak tool at what time, and has not declared whether it will develop a new jailbreak tool for iOS 10. Before sound domestic team, we'd better wait and see.

Just before the opening of WWDC, foreign media had questioned the need to escape at this stage, claiming that "the meaning of escape had less then." Among other things, the function of iOS now is getting enriched. WWDC 2016 keynote conference, Apple announced that it would add a number of garbage detection system, when there is a lot to watch live domestic users said "there is no reason to finally escaped." It also reflects the jailbreak community stagnant in terms of development of new features.
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