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jailbreak iOS9.2-iOS9.3.3 common problems and solutions summary

jailbreak iOS9.2-iOS9.3.3 common problems and solutions summary

Every conference jailbreak tool, more or less there will be some problems, give us the following small series brings jailbreak iOS9.2-iOS9.3.3 summary of the issues and common solutions.

iOS9.2-9.3.3 Pangu jailbreak tool released PP iOS9.3.3 jailbreak graphic tutorials
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Q: The Jailbreak iOS devices and iOS versions are there?

A: 64 Jailbreak compatible with firmware version iOS 9.2-9.3.3 equipment: iPhone5s, iPhone6, iPhone6 ​​Plus, iPhone6s, iPhone6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPod Touch 6, iPad mini2, iPad mini3, iPad mini4, iPad air, iPad air2, iPad Pro (ie, iPhone 5S, iPad mini2, iPad air and above models support equipment);

Q: The 32-bit device when you can escape?

A: The jailbreak is not yet compatible with 32-bit devices, so please stay tuned PP or PP assistant assistant Forum official news channels, you are sorry for the inconvenience;

Q: iOS9.3.3 device PP assistant computer version of a key not escape button?

A: First, make sure your iOS device is a 64-bit version and firmware iOS 9.2-9.3.3 equipment, followed by determining PP assistant computer version of the latest version PC5.0.

Q: When jailbreak tool is mounted, appear installation fails tips?

A: Hello, the pressure due to a server problem, there may be cases of failure to install a small probability, within 2 minutes, click on a button to escape, re-download the tool and try again.

Q: PP assistant computer version Tip jailbreak device initialization failure is how is it?

A: Please check whether the lock screen iOS device, or data cable connection is bad, it is recommended to try again

Q: When jailbreak, have to ensure smooth network?

A: Please ensure the smooth flow, iOS device, the computer network at the time of the escape must also ensure networked state

Q: jailbreak complete, iOS device but no Cydia?

A: Open PP Pangu Team, re-jailbreak attempt

Q: PP Pangu jailbreak tool has been deleted how to do?

A: You only need to re-link PP assistant iOS device, then click a button jailbreak, reinstall the tools to

Q: iOS9.2.1 or other versions, such as Beta version of jailbreak occurred many times, is still jailbreak fail?

A: Save your cell phone backup, close the Find iPhone, mobile phone upgrade or brush to iOS9.3.3 re-jailbreak.

Q: escape, suggesting I need to enter the Apple id?

A: If the pop-up window verification code, please enter the corresponding code on the window, and click "OK" button;

If Apple ID login box pops up at this time, please ask for one of the available Apple ID and password and click "Login" button to complete the installation of App jailbreak tool;

"PP assistant solemn promise: This input will only be used to install Apple ID jailbreak tool APP, to any place does not store or transfer, please be assured Input" can also be used to apply for a new Apple ID and has been activated;

Q: Tips you can trust certificate, how should I trust the certificate?

A: In the "Settings" - "General" - "description file and device management," to find the confidence to complete the application settings; [GuangZhou ... GuangZhouGuangZhou ... CO, Ltd.]

Q: whole jailbreak process about how long it takes?

A: When the jailbreak, the device lock screen will pop up within 6 seconds message notification successful escape being installed Cydia, it takes one minute;

Q: "Storage capacity is almost full," the problem is displayed on the device?

A: This is because the jailbreak program writes the system catalogs cause alarm. This prompt does not affect system operation, ignore it.

Q: After the jailbreak reboot, find Cydia appear flash back how to do?

A: only need to open the phone's PP Pangu jailbreak tool, you can re-activate jailbreak

Q: After a successful jailbreak, Cydia restart the phone to run flash back, plug-in fails?

A: After the restart the phone, the phone is not restored to the status of the jailbreak state. We need to re-jailbreak program execution, the phone will return to jailbreak state.

Q: After the jailbreak, the device links the PP assistant computer terminal prompts the device does not escape and can not access the [File System (jailbreak)]?

A: This problem occurs mainly because the equipment is not installed patches AFC result, according to this tutorial to install "" view the tutorial >>>

Q: What are plug-compatible has not tested the plug?

A: Since the jailbreak mode is changed, some plug-ins may not support the latest version. Some plug-ins may cause the device can not be restarted. Be sure to carefully before installing the plugin. If the plug is not compatible prompted, please be patient plugin authors update is compatible, do not force the installation of incompatible plug-ins.

Q: After installing the plug-ins are not compatible, the phone there is a problem how to do?

A: Since the jailbreak mode is changed, some plug-ins may not support the latest version if you do not install Cydia only need to plug-compatible, the plug-in installed, you can uninstall the plug-recently installed.

Q: After the jailbreak, connect PP assistant computer version can not manage the phone system files?

A: Currently AFC patch is not compatible iOS9.3.3 jailbreak, so you need to be patient-compatible plug-in, and then add the PP source via Cydia:, installing AFC patch (not yet compatible)

Q: how to install after the jailbreak jailbreak assistant PP to the phone?

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