Monday, August 15, 2016

Jailbreak gone! Greece formally renounced jailbreak jailbreak team

Jailbreak gone! Greece formally renounced jailbreak jailbreak team

For some users, the jailbreak is a feeling, an attitude. Earlier the team from Greece GSMagic gives users expectations and commitments, they were set itself a deadline: June 10. If you exceed this time limit has not released their jailbreak tool, then they will give up. I do not know the reason or other technical problem, in short, is not a jailbreak tool.

Ultimately, we did not usher in good news, GSMagic in Beijing last night to announce jailbreak failed, they failed to complete the jailbreak tool before the arrival of the period, from now on they will give up development jailbreak tool.

It should be noted again that the jailbreak community does not owe anyone, there is no obligation to publish jailbreak tool. Find loopholes and thereby develop a jailbreak tool is very tricky, it is necessary to bear the development costs, and may also bear infamy, which is obviously a thankless task.

Foreign media Modmyi believe, never a team like GSMagic jailbreak tool that gives the expected release time, which is obviously quite tricky. The media also suggested that users pay more attention to jailbreak jailbreak news Pangu or tai chi, it seems that China's foreign media or jailbreak team more reliable ah.
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