Wednesday, August 17, 2016

iPhone7 not try to crack / jailbreak Apple has hired a top Password Expert

iPhone7 not try to crack / jailbreak Apple has hired a top Password Expert

According to Reuters, Apple this month hired a top expert in cryptography, in order to achieve its own array of consumer products to add stronger security features. Prior to this, the last year in San Bernardino (San Bernardino) shooting case, Apple has resisted US law enforcement authorities claim unlock assailant encryption iPhone pressure. According to an Apple spokesman said that several prestigious secure communications companies, including co-founder of PGP Corp, Silent Circle and Blackphone Jon Callas (Jon Callas) in May this year to re-joined Apple.

iPhone7 not try to crack / jailbreak Apple has hired a top Password Expert

1990s Callas work at Apple, from 2009 to 2011 and working at Apple, when he designed a system of encryption to protect data stored in the Macintosh computer. Apple did not disclose the positions held Callas, Callas have also declined to comment.

Whether Apple should help US law enforcement authorities to get stored in the shooting perpetrators phone encrypted information in the problem with the US government and public confrontation. Earlier this year, the US Justice Department asked the federal judge in California and New York to force Apple to crack encrypted iPhone, including last year's San Bernardino shooting killer iPhone.

The authorities concerned did not help Apple crack the iPhone, it will let the matter rest, but the political debate about encryption technology still is ongoing.

FBI and law enforcement agencies believe that technology companies need government help to hunt criminals. Apple and other technology companies asking them to express their bypass encryption will highlight the security issues of their products, making them more vulnerable to malicious hacker attacks.

Meanwhile, the Senate committee is thinking about legislation requiring technology companies to help law enforcement agencies to bypass encryption. Kallas expressed his opposition to the company under pressure from law enforcement agencies to crack their encryption products. But he said he also supported a compromise proposal, that has law enforcement officials in the court order under this proposal does not disclose the use of software vulnerabilities black into the science and technology system, as long as they are after the disclosure of these vulnerabilities, so that they can be repaired .

"Jon aspects of the story have a very deep understanding," PGP Corp CEO Phil • Dunkelberg (Phil Dunkelberger) says. Callas return to Apple shows how encrypted communication will enter the mainstream. Main privacy of e-mail security firm Silent Circle does not call protected by eavesdroppers invasion, BlackPhone sold a difficult hacked phone. Both companies, though small-scale but highly acclaimed.
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