Friday, August 12, 2016

iOS9.3.4 promising companies scramble Apple jailbreak vulnerability

iOS9.3.4 promising companies scramble Apple jailbreak vulnerability

A reference to what you would have thought Apple, the iPhone ? the iPad ? Apple Watch or Apple TV? If the user has purchased the Apple devices, perhaps they more ideas, my god, this device in the end I can not escape , if I can or need to escape it? Repeatedly tangled.
It is because of Apple's closed system, creating its various platforms now relatively safe, stable, smooth experience, and has now so considerable user groups. But also because Apple's closed system, so a lot of interesting but controversial features and applications can not access the Apple platform, escape to become an effective means Apple users want early adopters.

In order to achieve the purpose of escape, we need to have individuals or groups through various system version of Apple's vulnerabilities and crack to achieve. Therefore, plugging loopholes in the system to become Apple's updated version is always subject, whom Apple is a headache, even in "Black Hat cyber security conference" hacker conference some time ago, the highest out of $ 200,000 in incentives to reward valuable vulnerability.

But now it seems that Apple seems to underestimate the value of their vulnerability. According to IDG News reports, they announced the decision after a few days, there is a security company immediately expressed its willingness to the highest price of $ 500,000, related to the acquisition of the vulnerability of Apple systems.

The company is located in Texas, is a specialized in personal or corporate security organizations, they expressed their willingness for $ 5,000 to $ 500,000 between the purchase iOS 9.3 and above versions of 0day vulnerabilities. For the purposes of the acquisition of these vulnerabilities, they are explained, because many of their clients are frequent daily use Apple-related equipment, so once 0day vulnerability is likely to pose a major threat to its security business, so these vulnerabilities for private security companies are very valuable. And after obtaining these vulnerabilities in the first time, the company can warn the customer in advance, and even risks that may occur in a year or two to eliminate.

In addition to Texas for this company, there are many companies are buying Apple's vulnerabilities, with the emergence of this situation, the outside world has a lot of people said that this is likely before Apple will reward plan to naught, because these more companies out of the price, and there continues to rise, the highest seem to have reached $ 100 million.

China is now engaged in work related to jailbreak Apple team, the more well known one is Pangu, another is Tai Chi. Before iOS9.3.3 Release not escape, I believe that many users have waited too mentally exhausted, even ready to give up hope. So many people have proposed that at the time, both teams want to buy domestic vulnerabilities, and quickly launched jailbreak tool charges.

If you really like domestic jailbreak community as expected, the first time to buy vulnerability and launched premium tools, you will choose to buy it? Someone quipped that Microsoft never provided more than $ 100 reward to find loopholes for Windows, because it did not a month they will go bankrupt, indicating the safety of Apple closed system is good. For those keen to escape the user, the use of loopholes to complete escape an open system, it is not really like the outside world that's so dangerous?


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